Friday, 20 September 2019

Ancienne Côté d’Eich 8 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

Another nice day in Luxembourg and again the temperature was very mild. A good day to pack and move to another city. Today I’m leaving for Strasbourg to meet up with Cousin Molly and Ori.

I took my time getting ready and made sure the flat was cleaned and looking good before I left. I was planning to order a taxi to take me to the train station but decided to walk to the bus stop instead since the stop was mostly downhill.

The bus showed up on time, the train was on time too, and was on my way to Strasbourg. Even though it was a high-speed train it was probably 50 miles outside of Luxembourg before the train started to pick up speed. I could see from the display that we reached a speed of 309 kph (192 mph) which is very fast and the scenery, as I looked out the window, was nearly a blur.

We arrived at the Strasbourg station and I walked out onto the platform. It was then I realized I forgot my hat on the train. It looked like I had time to go back and get it, so I left my luggage (having faith that it would be okay unattended for a few minutes) and got back on the train. When I reached where I was sitting I pleaded, “mon chapeau” and the person sitting where I was gave me my hat and said, “merci, merci” as I headed for the exit. I made it off the train before it started to leave the station. I dreaded to imagine what would happen if I was still on the train if the doors closed and my suitcase remained on the platform and me headed towards Marseille.

I hailed a taxi from the station and left for the Hilton where I had a reservation. Though I checked in early my room was ready. I learned that the restaurant would close at 2:00 so I left my suitcase in my room and went down to the restaurant. I ordered a salad and main dish and it was just enough to keep me full until I met up with Molly and Ori for dinner.

I took a good nap in my room and then wrote up a travel blog entry before leaving for dinner. My room was cold even though I had the heat turned up so I asked at the front desk if I had set the thermostat correctly. I showed them a picture of the thermostat and they said someone from maintenance would be by while I was gone.

Was good meeting up with Molly and Ori again. Our forth meeting since I’ve been traveling. We walked by the Strasbourg Cathedral on our way to dinner. It really is breathtaking when you look at it. So much work went into this architectural work of art. I hope to learn more about it over the next couple of days.

I looked forward to see where we were dining tonight. My food and wine experts always find the best places to eat. Much better than I would do on my own. The restaurant was in a very old building. Thankfully they helped me navigate me through the menu. I was very full when finished.

As usual we talked about many subjects during dinner. The time flies when I’m with these two. We talked about what we might do tomorrow and perhaps we will be able to join a wine tour. Or we might take a tour through the city or a boat tour. We will see.

I hailed a Uber for my ride back to the hotel. Though when I got back to my room it was still cold. It was now after 10:00 and was too late to move to a new room so I decided to bundle up and deal with it. But I was still a bit cold with the extra clothes. I’ll definitely need to change rooms tomorrow morning.

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