Thursday, 19 September 2019

Ancienne Côté d’Eich 8 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

Though I was tired last night before I went to bed I found myself getting up several times throughout the night. I forgot to include in my post from yesterday that this flat is part of a duplex and the host lives part time upstairs and we share an entrance. The toilet for my flat is outside my door in a small room and the room with the shower is next to the bedroom inside the flat. A little different from what I’m used to but I made do.

I was going to take the bus into the city but I saw something I wanted to see near the flat but on the way to what I wanted to see later. I saw that there was a memorial for Robert Schumann nearby, and having been a piano student for 10 years, I was familiar with several of his compositions. It wasn’t until I was at the memorial that I realized that it wasn’t the composer Robert Schumann (spelled with two “n’s” in his last name) but for a Robert Schuman a statesman from Luxembourg. I had a good laugh.

After I had walked a little I decided to eat lunch. I brought with me a tuna and cucumber sandwich that I purchased yesterday and found a bench in a nearby square. The square was outside the Place d’Armes Hotel, a very nice 5-star hotel. Also in the square where women who were wearing purple vests and gathered for some event. One of them came over and sat next to me and we talked for a few minutes. She could only speak French but I found out that she is part of a group of older women who are learning employment skills to find work. The organization, in business for 40 years is called NAXI.

After she left to join her group a couple sat down and we talked for about 15 minutes. They were from Florida and in Luxembourg to do family research. Her family emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1800s and lived in Minnesota and then in Kansas. I was fascinated about how much she knew about her family history.

After eating my lunch and visiting in the square I walked through a very nice park and soon found the Notre-Dame Cathedral. A very large Cathedral that overlooks one of the city’s valleys. I found the entrance and went inside. Large stained glass windows at each end of the Cathedral were beautiful and the inside was very spacious.

Near to the Cathedral was the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. This country doesn’t have a king but rather a Grand Duke as it was in the past when this was common in Europe. The palace was impressive and a number of tourists like myself were outside taking pictures as the palace guards marched back and forth.

I took a different route back to the train station. I wanted to stop in and buy my train ticket for tomorrow’s trip to Strasbourg. I left the station with a ticket for a reserved seat on the train and it should only take about 90 minutes to get to Strasbourg since this was a high-speed train.

I did something at the station that I never expected I would ever do. I needed to use the restroom and noticed that there was an outside men’s urinal. You stepped inside this small enclosure and did your business. I think I only saw this setup one other time in Brussels.

I took the bus back to the flat and then napped so after I arrived. It was a bit warm in the flat since the windows face the south. I suppose I could have lowered the outside blinds before I left but didn’t. The two big doors to the balcony can quickly cool the flat when both are opened.

I watched more of Arrow tonight and ate my spinach ravioli too. Was excellent ravioli. I bought a package of pre-made ravioli from the store’s cooler and a jar of sauce from the shelves. Was easy to make on the stove.

I’m planning to be out of the flat tomorrow at 10:30 so I should have plenty of time to get ready. Looking forward to seeing Cousin Molly and Ori again tomorrow and discovering Strasbourg.

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