Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Ancienne Côté d’Eich 8 (Luxembourg City, Luxembourg)

I woke up to clear skies this morning. Very quiet where I’m staying, mainly due to this flat pointing away from the street on the other side of the building. Also because I’m not directly under the flight path for the local airport as well, though I can sometimes hear planes in the distance.

Getting in as late as I did last night there wasn’t time to visit a proper grocery. I like taking milk in my tea and coffee but all I could find at the train station was a small bottle of Starbuck’s cappuccino and used that to flavor my coffee this morning. I also used a little in my oatmeal. Actually was a nice change of pace, though I’ll find milk later today when I’m out and about.

I was still tired from yesterday’s travel adventure and didn’t make it out until afternoon. I decided to try taking a bus into the central part of the city to get a feel of the city’s layout and walk as much as possible. I did want to walk over the Adolphe Bridge, a beautiful deck arch bridge, that spans one of the main valleys that divide the city.

After waiting for awhile at the bus top I took the first bus that came along. I was supposed to take a #10 or #11 bus, but this one looked like it was going in the right direction. I knew that a day ticket cost 4 Euro and had two 2 Euro coins in my hand when I got onto the bus but the driver didn’t want them and waved me aboard, which I thought was nice.

We drove on the driver headed off in a direction away from the center part of the city so I decided to get off and walk. All I really wanted was a lift up the hill so the bus ride did get me in the general area where I wanted to be.

I could see that the bridge was not too far away. To get there I walked through a large city park which was very well maintained and had a small lake with a fountain. A lot of thought must have gone into designing this compact city to ensure that there were parks that broke up the many buildings in the hillsides and in the commercial part of the city.

Eventually I came to the bridge and took pictures of the bridge and then again when I walked over it. At the other end was a large, old building which I thought was a church but it was a central office for Spuerkeess, a large Luxembourg bank.

I kept walking until I reached the train station (Gare Centrale). It was a perfect walk through the financial district and into one of the city’s shopping districts. At the station I found a nice restaurant and ordered a Quiche Lorraine with salad. The current station building dates from the early 1900s and is one of those grand stations that welcomed travelers to the city. I also walked over to the CFL kiosk (who manage the local buses) to buy a ticket to get back to the flat. I found out that all the buses are free this week in order to conduct a test for when all the local buses will be free sometime next year.

Across from the station was a full service grocery and I shopped there before taking the bus back to the flat. I made sure to buy a small container of milk for my coffee, tea, and oatmeal. I also bought a few other items that I’ll use to make a lunch and a couple of dinners. Tonight I’ll have a chicken salad and tomorrow will be spinach ravioli.

When I got back to the flat I got a load of wash into the clothes washer that was located in a lower floor within the building. My host said his washer was to the left as I entered the laundry room (everyone in the building as their own washer in a large room and are given power, water and a drain rather than have them located within the flats). However, when I entered the room, to the left were two sets of stacked washers and then a washer by itself. I decided to use the washer by itself and hope that the owner of the washer wouldn’t mind. There was no drying rack so I used the back of the outdoor furniture to dry my clothes.

Tonight I got caught up with Csabi who just bought a new bike and is enjoying his bike club who take evening and weekend bike outings. His longest one-day distance was 65 miles. I also spoke with Hussein and we talked about plans for when we meet in Cairo on the 3rd of October. Also have been in contact with Cousin Molly and Ori about meeting up with them this Friday and Strasbourg.

I’m now really getting into the program on Netflix called Arrow after watching it for the last couple of nights. This series is produced by the people who produce Flash and Supergirl and the characters of these three series appear on the other shows.

Tomorrow I have a few new places to visit while I’m here and can see the weather will still be sunny with very mild temperatures.

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