Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Düsseldorf Hilton (Düsseldorf, Germany)

My back seems to be back to normal today. I woke and I felt a bit stiff in my back but no pain spasms. Think I’ll be okay leaving for Luxembourg later.

I had time for breakfast and to get packed without rushing. I took a taxi to the station and had time to find the platform and wait for the train. I have one transfer in Koblenz, then the next stop should the Luxembourg City Central Station.

All went well, made the transfer in Koblenz, but a conductor came by to check my ticket after we left Trier station and said that I needed to get off and go back a couple of stations to Trier. Apparently I didn’t sit in the part of the train that was going to Luxembourg because this part of the train was headed towards Mannheim.

I did what the conductor instructed and got off at the next stop, walked over to the platform on the other side of the station and caught a train going in that direction. I missed the first train that would return me to Trier but caught the next one. When I arrived in Trier I saw there was a message on the reader board regarding the train to Luxembourg. I asked a couple of people who said the train is not coming and that I should take a bus. They were very insistent.

So then I left the station to find the bus to Luxembourg. When I found the stop where the bus was supposed to show up I couldn’t read the posted schedule. I phoned my Airbnb host and he couldn’t find the bus times either. We both called DB (Deutsche Bahn) and we both heard that there was nothing wrong with the trains, just that there might be a delay of 10 minutes. So I went back to the station to wait for the train to Luxembourg. What did I learn? I should have asked the conductor who checked my ticket at Koblenz if I was on the part of the train that would take me to Luxembourg. In actuality he should have told me to move when he looked at my ticket. Oh well, I was now on the train, but three hours off schedule.

Was thankful that my back was doing well because I had to carry my suitcase up and down several flights of stairs. From then on I had the usual inconveniences, like the taxi driver not being able to find the address of my Airbnb, finding the TV in the flat (a hidden switch raised and lowered the TV from inside a console), and my host told me where to find the clothes washer. I figured out the Wi-Fi because the host had the wrong name for the modem on his instruction sheet. So many hosts now rely on putting the keys in a lockbox and counting on the guest to figure everything out for themselves. Sometimes written instructions can be found but not always.

The flat itself is very nice. Very modern, located on the third floor and has a view, and quiet. You can’t hear any noise from the outside or from the neighbors.

I picked up some food from a couple of places in the train station and ate diner while watching a new Netflix program, Arrow. Was tired and went to bed early.

Tomorrow I’ll walk around Luxembourg to get a feel of the city and on Thursday I’ll go to a few attractions that would be interesting to see.


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