Friday, 13 September 2019

Eichstrasse 22 Erdgeschoss (Hanover, Germany)

After a fairly restful sleep, a cup of coffee and toast and a shower I was ready for another few hours exploring Hanover. I walked back to the old part of Hanover and visited the old city hall (just the outside) which was pretty much rebuilt after the war, then saw a church down the street.

The church, Aegidienkirch, was not rebuilt after the war but rather kept as it was after the bombings. I saw one like this in Hamburg last year. The Gothic version of the church was built in 1347. The sister city of Hanover is Hiroshima who donated a peace bell which is installed close to the church’s tower and used in an annual service on Hiroshima Day, August 6th.

Down the street from the church is the New Town Hall. Not quite new but a very large building that not only contains the administrative offices of the city but is also the residence of the mayor. A unique feature of the building is the elevator which takes visitors to the top of the building’s dome. The elevator travels diagonally (curved) over the dome. Of course I had to ride this elevator. What a great view from the top and took a number of pictures of the city.

I was going to walk over to the large municipal park that was nearby but I got a great view of it from the New Town Hall. There was a museum across the street but I wasn’t interested in walking through a museum so I started to head back.

When I got to the train station I purchased my ticket for tomorrow’s train to Dusseldorf. I took a chance and bought the ticket from a ticket machine rather than wait in line. I selected the journey that had no transfers so that made it easier, but I double checked the departure date and time to make sure that I have a valid ticket for tomorrow.

As I passed through the station I bought the same sandwich that I ate the night before. It was a fairly basic chicken sandwich but I wasn’t looking to try anything new.

Out the other end of the station is where many of the city’s homeless are gathered. Not a large number but they are there to collect handouts. I have yet to visit a European city with a noticeable number of homeless people like it is in Portland.

I was going to nap when I returned back to the flat but wasn’t really that tired and decided to write a blog posting for the day before. I also worked on my correspondence then started to watch another Star Trek movie.

Another night going to bed early. Tomorrow will be a travel day but the journey will only be 2 1/2 hours. I checked in online to my room at the Hilton and will arrive at a little after 2:00 tomorrow. Another day and another city.

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