Thursday, 12 September 2019

Eichstrasse 22 Erdgeschoss (Hanover, Germany)

Slept very well and woke up around 7:00 then made a cup of tea and toasted a slice of bread. After reading through a few emails and texts I went back to sleep. I finally left the flat early afternoon and walked toward the old historical part of the city which is about 2 km away.

During World War II the bombing raids destroyed about 90% of the central part of Hanover where most of the historical buildings were located. While some buildings have been restored, I expect to find mostly modern buildings in that part of the city.

To get to the old city center I returned to central station and walked through to the other side, from there I found a large shopping district and just beyond that was the old historical center. I sat and people watched at several locations. Seemed like there were very few tourists and expect most of the people live in the Hanover area.

I visited Marktkirche (Marktkirche St. Georgii et Jacobi) which is the main Lutheran church in Hanover and dates from the 14th century. The outside of the church was not significantly damaged during the war but the interior had to be completely rebuilt. You can see the church’s steeple and clock for miles. Very impressive.

From there I walked around the old part of Hanover and admired the old timbered buildings that were salvaged and assembled together to show what the old city used to look like.

I just walked around for about an hour, visited the city’s museum, then headed back to the flat. Was happy to get so much walking in today. I passed through the train station at around 5:00 and the place was packed with people catching trains that will take them home. Since I don’t have a kitchen, I picked up a chicken sandwich that I’ll eat later.

After answering more email and updating my travel blog it was time to watch the rest of the Start Trek movie I started to watch the night before then was in bed by 10:00, which is early for me.

Tomorrow I’ll return to the old town area and visit a few more buildings. I enjoy the flatness of the city which makes walking around so much easier.

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