Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Rotterdam Hilton (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Onward to Hanover. Today I leave Hanover on the 12:05 train and will arrive in Hanover at 5:18 p.m. with a 30 minute layover in Amersfoort. Because I still needed to purchase a train ticket I left the hotel (via taxi) at about 11:15.

Rather than go to one of the self-service ticket machines I purchased a ticket from one of the agents at the station. Since I knew there was a transfer along the way, and crossing from the Netherlands into Germany, I just wanted to make sure I purchased the correct tickets.

The train trip overall went well and I saw more of the beautiful farm lands in both countries along the way. We made a few stops along the way where people efficiently got off and on in about five minutes. We arrived in Hanover very close to the 5:18 schedule.

I was going to take a taxi to my Airbnb flat but decided to walk since I’d been sitting for nearly five hours. I walked about 15 minutes and found the flat very easy. Now was the hard part. My Airbnb host asked that I download an application and enter a code to my phone that will unlock the door to his flat. This was something new, but once I stood in front of the door and opened the application it gave me the option to unlock the door and when I pressed the application’s button the lock opened.

The flat is a very spartan but modern studio. No real kitchen but there was a kettle to make hot water, a small refrigerator and a toaster. Also I found dishes and silverware so I guess I’ll be okay for a few days. A nearby grocery store had everything I needed so I won’t starve.

By the time I got settled and ate a small dinner it was too late to take a nap so I started to watch the next Star Trek movie until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

As for tomorrow, the old part of the city is nearby so I guess I’ll walk around there and find a place to eat lunch.

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