Sunday, 8 September 2019

Blelack House (Logie Coldstone, Aboyne, Scotland)

I was going to sleep in this morning since I’m not leaving until noon, but I kept thinking about things I wanted to do, so I reluctantly got out of bed. During this time I managed to update my travel blog and post pictures and videos to Instagram and Facebook. I knew I would feel like doing it after I arrived in Rottenberg. As it turned out, by the time I did everything on my small list it was time for Holly to drive me into Aboyne to catch the bus to Aberdeen.

What a great time I had at Holly’s place! Of course the nice weather helped, but think I’d enjoy my time there regardless. I said goodbye to Holly and waited for the 201 bus, but arrived about 10 minutes later.

I enjoyed watching the scenery as the bus headed towards Aberdeen. Felt a little sad because I probably won’t see Scotland until next June. Oh well, on to new adventures on the continent, starting with Rottenberg. But first I needed to get to the Aberdeen airport.

From the Aberdeen Bus Terminal I planned to use the “Jet” bus to travel to the airport. I was surprised that this bus acted like a regular local bus. Stopping to pick up people along the way and dropping them off at various stops. I thought it was an express bus, but arrived at the airport with plenty of time. A nice fellow tried to help me with the express check-in but it still didn’t work so I waited in line with everyone else.

I got my suitcase checked in and had time to enjoy a late lunch before I boarded my flight. Plenty of time to spare which I like. Had a funny thing happen when I went through security. After my stuff was scanned I noticed that I was missing my hat. Security actually had two hats. When they showed them to me the fellow that was helping me with the express check in said my black Nike hat was his. What? Thankfully his wife said that his hat, that looks like mine, was safely packed in his suitcase. From then on I kept my distance from him. He ended up being on my flight.

When I arrived in Amsterdam I needed to catch a train from the airport to Rotterdam and only had about 30 minutes to go through passport control, retrieve my luggage, buy a train ticket and then find the proper platform and then wait for the train. Thanks to the people who I asked for help as I finished each of these tasks I arrived on the correct platform with five minutes to spare.

The train took about 30 minutes to travel non-stop to the Rottenberg station. I could have walked to the hotel but taking a taxi (given that it was now dark) seemed the best choice. The taxi driver said I could have walked (which I knew) but I said that I was old and didn’t want to walk. We laughed.

I was upgraded to a junior suit and now have my evening beer opened and finishing my travel blog. Not 100% sure what I’m doing tomorrow but I’ll find something to see and do. My complementary Hilton breakfast will be waiting for me tomorrow starting at 6:30 a.m.

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