Friday, 6 September 2019

DoubleTree Aberdeen (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Slept very well last night. I hadn’t realized how much I missed sleeping on a comfortable, large bed with four large pillows. I almost feel like I’ve returned from camping out. (Almost, but not quite, since I stayed in a few very nice places while in Ireland.) By 7:00 a.m. I was on my way down for my Hilton breakfast and was not disappointed. I found all the usual ingredients for a complete breakfast. And, as usual, I returned to my room and napped for over an hour.

While packing I couldn’t find my light weight jacket anywhere. I know I packed it. It wasn’t until I sent a message to my last Airbnb host and called the front desk that I found it behind a chair. I must have laid the jacket over the chair and it fell off behind the chair. Problem solved and I finished packing and was out by 11:15. The hotel called for a taxi and I was on my way to the bus station for my two hour journey to my next Airbnb.

I hadn’t realized how big the greater Aberdeen area was. The bus went on for over 5 miles before we were in the rural part of Scotland. Since I’ve only taken the trains in Scotland I now know how extensive their bus network is. Seems that most every small down has bus service and some have both train and bus service.

I had a 45 minute layover in Banchory while waiting for the arrival of the 201 bus to Aboyne. Saw a local pub nearby and ordered a small lunch there (tuna sandwich and a coffee). While enjoying my lunch I saw a number of locals come in for a meal. I finished up and went out to wait for the 201 bus to arrive.

I was now on my way to Aboyne where I’ll meet my Airbnb host who will drive me to their house which is a several miles away. It was a short ride to Aboyne and a women sitting near me said she would tell me which stop in Aboyne I should take. (She heard me talking to the bus driver.) My Airbnb host recommended a deli to visit that was near the Aboyne bus stop and also the local Coop store which had everything else I might need. I actually met this host in the parking lot of the Coop store and we did our shopping together.

I knew that I was going to stay in a large, old manor house and that my room take up the whole the ground floor flat, with three bedrooms, but that was about all. I’d seen the pictures but that can be misleading in some cases with Airbnbs. When I walked into the flat I found it was quite large. Even though the rooms a large it seemed very comfortable as I was walking around. Think I’ll like it here.

After a nap I made tea and snacked on buttered toast while writing my travel blog. Very quiet out here since the nearest neighbors are nowhere close to this house. The hosts live in the floor below and a fellow lives part-time in the flat above me. The top floor flat is in the process of being remodeled. And there are chickens outside and my host gave me four fresh eggs to enjoy over the next two mornings.

I’ll warm up a few items I bought at the deli tonight and watch two more Star Trek movies. I confirmed the TV can handle my HDMI cable to my laptop. Also, I can make a fire in the fireplace tonight – that should be nice to enjoy while watching my movie.

My host’s husband will drive me to the Breamar Gathering in the morning at 10:00, which should be early enough to join the festivities there. Should be a full day tomorrow!

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