Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Barrack Street #32 The Arches (Kilkenny, Ireland)

Slept very well last night and all went well in the morning until it was time to take a shower. I have a flat with two bathrooms and the showers in both bathrooms did not work. From my introductory tour yesterday I was under the impression that I didn’t have to turn on any switch before turning on the water. I was able to draw a bath in one bathroom so I took a bath.

I had decided to take a Segway tour today and was able to get in on a tour that started shortly before 2:00. Before I left I sent a note to the Aribnb host asking for help with the showers. I almost had to ask for help with the dishwasher but I figured how to get it started. In addition I put some clothes in the washer on a short cycle but after two hours the machine was still running and what it was doing during this time I couldn’t really tell. I turned off the washer and will address it after I return from my tour.

I left the flat a little after 1:00 so I’d have enough time to get to the meeting location. True, frustrating with things don’t work as expected but what can you do. I just move on and everything seems to eventually get sorted out.

When I arrived at what I thought was the Segway meeting location I looked again at the location that was texted to me earlier and discovered that the location was actually about a minute walk from where I was staying. I should have verified the address before leaving. So I walked back and meet up with the four other people who were also on the tour and all was well.

The Segway tour started off with the usual equipment and safety training and soon we were off on our tour. The tour operator had been in business for less than a year (he was also our guide) and he has thoughtfully designed his tour to cover the main attractions, provide a chronological history of the town and has ensured the tour meets all safety requirements.

We learned Kilkenny was the capital of Ireland for 9 years in the 1600s, early taxation efforts, the local economy, visited the older churches, saw an early version of a poor house, and other interesting locations. We covered a lot of ground in during the tour’s 2 1/2 hours. Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow since I’ve probably have seen most everything there is to see.

I was ready for a nap when I returned to the flat. I had received a note back from the Airbnb host asking if I turned on the water pump before starting my shower. Water pump? I found an unmarked switch and turned it to the on position then tried both showers. They worked! I look forward to a shower in the morning.

Tonight I expect that I’ll find something to watch on either Netflix or Amazon. I’m almost tempted to watch the Downton Abby series again. As for what I’ll do tomorrow I guess I figured that out after I wake up. Something usually pops into my head after a good nights sleep.


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