Monday, 2 September 2019

11 Sunnyhill Terrace (Waterford, Ireland)

Was up early then went back to bed and got up again at 9:00. Was planning to be out of the flat at 11:00 then call a taxi for a ride to the train station. Was 10 minutes late getting out and was at the station before 11:30.

While at the station waiting for the train I learned from my Airbnb host that he didn’t get my message last night. He asked if he could meet me at 5:30. I wrote back and said that would be inconvenient since I would have to wait around for nearly four hours and asked if there was another option. He wrote back and asked if 3:00 would be okay and I said it would.

I ended up arriving at the Kilkenny station and then having a taxi take me into the center of town, near where I’ll stay, so I could eat lunch. That would kill some time while I waited for my 3:00 appointment. Found a great place for lunch (chicken stew, salad, and a coffee) then met my host in front of the flat. Fairly standard place with two bedrooms. Nice to open my suitcase in one room and sleep in the other.

While my host was still showing me around I checked to see what cookware he had. Discovered that there wasn’t any frying pans (or baking dishes). He volunteered to go out and buy me a frying pan. I asked how long he has had this Airbnb and I was the first person to ask about this? Was just wondering. I suppose most of his guests eat at local restaurants.

While he was out buying a frying pan I discovered that this place didn’t have Wi-Fi. Guess I’ll use the data from my phone for my laptop. I still have 10GB of data on my account so that should last me while I’m here. My phone account just happens to be with Vodafone that I established when I was in Dublin in 2017. As a result of having an Irish phone I haven’t had to use a country code to dial Irish numbers which has been helpful.

When the Airbnb host left I took a nap. The bed is fairly comfortable but looking forward to staying at a Hilton when in Aberdeen. I can be guaranteed a comfortable bed while there. The consistency between each Hilton location is amazing.

I’ll finish up with my travel blog then start watching my last Harry Potter movie. I’ll make dinner later since my lunch really filled me up. My Airbnb host said I could book a Segway tour tomorrow, so I might do that. From what I can tell, most everything I’d like to see is close to where I’m staying.

In a few days my Ireland tour will be over, but I get to look forward to being at the Braemar Gathering and to see the Queen who I hope is attending again this year. We will see.

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