Sunday, 1 September 2019

11 Sunnyhill Terrace (Waterford, Ireland)

I woke late this morning and took my time getting ready for my helicopter ride this afternoon. The weather still looks good and no rain in sight so I expect it to hold throughout the morning and into the afternoon.

To ensure I get to the airport on time I left a little early. The airport is about 20 minutes by car according to Google. I walked to a nearby hotel to increase my chance of securing a taxi. My pain in my legs from yesterday has gone away for the most part so the walk was easy. I called for a taxi and he showed up about 10 minutes later.

Had a good chat with the taxi driver who told me how to best arrange travel to Kilkenny tomorrow. Very helpful! Tomorrow I’ll probably take the train since it is what he recommended. Just as I arrived at the airport I received a message from my Kilkenny Airbnb host asking when I’ll arrive. Good timing!

The Waterford Airport doesn’t handle any jet traffic because the runway isn’t long enough. Just private propeller planes and, in my case, helicopters. Still, I had to go through security before entering where I was to check in with the helicopter company.

We received a brief safety talk before we proceeded outside to wait for the helicopter. There were six of us on our flight. Well, seven if you included the pilot. It was very cozy inside the craft and once we were buckled in we took off.

Was a good flight around the Waterford area and we flew down to the coast and up a ways before returning back to the airport. I really saw how extensive the many farms were just outside the town and how beautiful they were from the air. Like a very large patchwork quilt. A vast majority of what is produced by the farms is exported outside of Ireland, mainly to the U.K. which is why Ireland is very interested in the outcome of the Brexit situation.

The flight was just long enough (30 minutes) for me and glad I selected this flight package. Seemed that everyone on the flight enjoyed the ride. As I was walking out of the terminal the three men who were on the flight with me asked if I would like a lift back into Waterford and I said that I would. It cost 19 Euro for the ride out.

The oldest of the three, about my age, had a very thick Irish accent and very difficult to understand. He seemed to have had flight experience from when he was in the service and talked a little about his experiences. They seemed to be interested in my travels and how much I’ve seen over the past few years.

They dropped me off near where I was staying and I bought a couple of beers on the way to my place that I’ll enjoy during dinner and when I watch the next installment of Harry Potter later tonight.

I don’t have to be out of the flat until 11:00 tomorrow and will call for a taxi to take me over to the train station that is located across the river from Waterford. I’ll check into my Kilkenny flat at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. This will be the last stop on my Ireland tour. By then I’ll be ready for a new adventure.

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