Saturday, 31 August 2019

11 Sunnyhill Terrace (Waterford, Ireland)

I thought I’d get a good nights sleep last night, considering how comfortable the bed was, but I was up several times. Eventually I stayed asleep and woke refreshed. Perhaps the rain and wind woke me in the night, but I can’t be sure. A significant storm passed over last night but was sunny this morning when I got out of bed at around 8:00 a.m.

From talking with my Airbnb host last night I found out that the washing machine is located out in the backyard shed where the boiler is located. I looked everywhere for it yesterday and didn’t expect it to be out there considering how large the kitchen is. In any case, I put in a load of wash as I drank my morning coffee.

I’m making a second pass at my travel plans for the next couple of months by starting to fill in train times between some of the cities. All of my flights have been booked. I’m also looking ahead at next year and see that I have 17 countries to visit from January to May, which works out to be around three per month which is doable, however I expect to be in France for two to three weeks during this time to visit locations from Normandy to Grenoble.

My main attraction to see today is the Waterford factory and left the flat a little after noon today. I noticed that it was a little uncomfortable walking but I made it okay to the place where the tour of the Waterford factory begins.

The tour was very well done and we were able to see the whole process from the blowing of the glass, cutting, and the finishing process. The factory seems to specialize in many of the more unique pieces and image that the more commercial pieces are probably produced in their factories in Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.

I had heard that the Medieval Museum across the street had some amazing Irish treasures so I walked over there and joined a tour at 2:00. Our guide was quite entertaining and knowledgeable about this history of Waterford and Ireland as well. This museum contains some of the oldest artifacts from Ireland history because of its long history. Waterford was the first city in Ireland and was founded by Vikings in the 9th century and eventually Anglo-Normans invaders in the 12th century.

It was now getting more difficult to walk and decided to take a taxi back to my flat. Before getting a taxi I saw a church nearby (Christ Church Cathedral) that I wanted to visit. This is where some of the artifacts that I saw in the museum were discovered as the present church was being built.

The taxi driver that took me back to the flat was interesting and entertaining too. He had a very thick accent and perhaps was born in some country in Africa. He entertained me by quoting lines from Macbeth and King Lear as we drove along. This was certainly unexpected. He wasn’t exactly sure where I needed to be but we worked together to get me to the correct address.

I’ve had my afternoon nap and after I publish this blog entry I’ll work on making dinner. I have another Harry Potter movie in my queue and will watch that before going to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll see a few more sites within Waterford before heading out to the airport for my helicopter tour that begins early in the afternoon. This will be my third helicopter tour since I’ve been traveling.

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