Friday, 30 August 2019

#20 Popes Hill, Popes Road (Cork, Ireland)

Had a fairly good sleep last night and woke up early enough to get ready (clean and pack) for my move to Waterford. This is the first place I’ve stayed in Ireland that didn’t have a dishwasher and I certainly missed it while I hand washed the dishes from last night.

I was out the door right at 11:45 a.m. which gave me time to order a taxi, get to the bus depot and buy a ticket, and visit an ATM to get a little pocket money.

I have just finished stop #5 on my Ireland tour and Waterford will be #6. I really have to think back at what I saw at each stop and thankful that I keep a travel blog and also my phone records where I’ve been. Seeing so much in a relatively short period of time can be daunting in regards to retaining everything I’ve learned and seen.

On the bus to Waterford I again started planning my visit. After a couple of experiences with tour buses maybe I need to do something different. Once I opened up to new possibilities I saw the answer while browsing on my phone. A helicopter ride! I decided to make a reservation as one of the first things I do when I get into my Waterford flat. Of course I’ll go through the Waterford factory when I’m here. That is a given.

When I got off the bus I found that I needed to either call or flag down a taxi. No line of taxis waiting at the station. Just as I was making a call I saw a taxi heading for me and I flagged him down. It worked out well and I was in my new place within five minutes.

I’m staying in another two bedroom flat with the bedrooms and a bath upstairs and a have half bath downstairs. The whole place has been updated and all the appliances are new. And it had a dishwasher. I managed to get unpacked, for the most part, in about an hour and also during this time went to a nearby grocery to buy what I’ll need for my stay. As I was putting the groceries away a cat came to the back door that leads to the patio. The cat had a collar so it must be a neighbor’s cat. I was tempted to invite the kitty in.

Tried to take a nap but after 10 minutes I realized I wasn’t that tired. So I’m writing today’s travel blog and will prepare dinner when I’m finished writing. Will watch the next Harry Potter movie (#4) after dinner.

I’ll probably walk around Waterford tomorrow and most likely visit the Waterford factory later in the day. My helicopter tour will be on Sunday.

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