Tuesday, 27 August 2019

#20 Popes Hill, Popes Road (Cork, Ireland)

I couldn’t believe how long I slept last night. Was briefly up a couple of times during the night and finally got out of bed for good at 10:00. The bed was very comfortable and this place is absolutely quiet since I’m not near the city center.

As I was looking for something to do today I saw that a town, Kinsale, near the ocean was about an hour away by bus. I’m also planning to see Blarney Castle and the Cork Harbor (Cobh) tomorrow and I’ll stop by the tour office on my way to the bus station to make arrangements.

Since the city center of Cork is downhill from where I’m staying it was an easy walk to first the tour office and then to the bus station. No more than 30 minutes.

I took the 1:05 p.m. bus from Cork and arrived in Kinsale at around 2:15. Saw more of the Irish countryside along the way and passed through a few small town as well. There was a castle to see in Kinsale but I decided just to walk around the harbor and through the town for the next couple of hours and take a few pictures.

At 4:00 the return bus showed up and I hopped aboard. I had purchased another power bank while in Kinsale that has more capacity. I’ve been having to conserve power on my phone while on longer tours. The tour to the Ring of Kerry will be 10 hours and not sure if my phone will last that long. This way I will be confident that I have enough power to last the whole day. My smaller power bank is good for shorter trips and is much smaller.

I tried to nap when I got back to the flat but I guess I wasn’t tired enough to sleep. Tonight I’ll make a quick meal and watch the next Harry Potter movie. Was very relaxing to watch something familiar last night and look forward to another relaxing evening.


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