Sunday, 25 August 2019

#703 Riverpoint, Lower Mallow Street (Limerick, Ireland)

Was up fairly early in order to catch the bus to Killarney. I was going to call a taxi to take me to the bus depot but decided to walk instead. Seemed like a great morning for a walk. I was at the station in plenty of time to catch the 10:35 bus.

It was a two-hour ride to Killarney and I enjoyed watching the scenery as we made our way south. By the time I reached Killarney I still hadn’t decided on what I wanted to see. The big draw to this place is it’s location to the Ring of Kerry. (I’ll take a Ring of Kerry tour from Cork in a few days.) A friend suggested visiting Muckross House and so that became the first place to visit.

I thought I had the right directions to catch a bus that would take me there but it turns out Google was wrong. Not only that, the locals who I asked said there isn’t public transportation to Muckross House. It turned out getting there was my first big adventure for the day. I even took a horse and carriage to a hotel that (allegedly) was a stop on the bus route. Wrong again. I ended up taking a taxi from the hotel to Muckross House. I did have a good conversation with the hotel’s concierge while waiting for the taxi. His sister and brother-in-law lived in Seattle for number of years before moving back to Ireland.

The taxi driver suggested that he drop me off at the Torc Waterfall that is on the Muckross House estate and said I could walk to the house once I visited the falls. That sounded like a great idea so that he where we dropped me off.

It was only 200 meters up to the falls and the trail took me through moss-covered trees along a small river. It was then I realized that I haven’t really on a nature walk in a very long time. I’ve been hanging out in cities for the most part. It was an excellent change of pace as I walked up to the falls. When I got there I took a few pictures and then walked back down the hill. Now to walk to the house.

I started walking along a path to the house and then tried to figure out how far away the house actually was and discovered that it was more than I wanted to walk in the time I have remaining before the 4:00 bus. I saw more horse and carriages parked nearby and asked if one of them could take me to the house. I ended up taking a two-wheeled cart up to the house but had a great chat with the young driver during the ride.

I didn’t go inside the house but walked around it instead. Queen Victoria’s stay at the house was the only event historical to the location. This would be a great place to visit if you had a free afternoon but I felt time constrained.

I called a taxi to take me back to Killarney. Once I got into the taxi I mentioned to the driver that I wanted to take the 4:00 bus back to Limerick and he suggested that since I had extra time that I visit the Friary that is located near to the bus station. He dropped me off there and I went inside. A beautiful church! I sat down in one of the pews and rested. I thought it was the perfect place to be.

I had time to get a bite to eat before the bus arrived and found a Costa Coffee where I bought a sandwich and a bottle of water. I concluded that I didn’t see many sites but enjoyed meeting new people, visiting a few new locations and had two rides in a horse-drawn carriage.

The bus ride back to Limerick was uneventful but I enjoyed looking at the sites as we rode along. I walked back to the flat from the bus station. Thought I might take a taxi but the sun was out and I felt like going for a walk. I’m realizing that all of the pain I had walking is finally gone.

I was very ready for a nap soon after I walked in the door. I had bought another sandwich at the Limerick station which I ate for dinner. After I finish writing this post I’ll watch a little TV and hopefully be in bed early. Tomorrow I’m leaving for Cork. Guess I should figure out which bus to take.

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