Saturday, 24 August 2019

#703 Riverpoint, Lower Mallow Street (Limerick, Ireland)

I was planning to sleep in a little longer but kept hearing a loud voice coming from outside. It took me a few moments to figure out that there was a rowing competition happening out on the river this morning and an announcer was providing information about who was competing.

I took my time getting ready this morning and, as predicted, I probably spent too much time looking at the view out the windows. It was partly sunny so many people were walking along the river and enjoying the morning. I managed to leave the flat around 2:00 p.m. and took my place by the river with everyone else.

My first stop will the King John’s Castle, that can be easily seen from the flat, and then to St. Mary’s Cathedral. If there is time I’ll stop by a nearby Tesco’s and buy more oatmeal.

I suppose I could have reached King John’s Castle in 15 minutes but I took my time and stopped at several places to enjoy the people out for a walk. I sat across from a wedding that had just finished and looked at the people talking in front of the church. From there I walked over the bridge to the castle that is located on an island in the middle of the river. River Shannon is about the same width as the Willamette.

The introductory exhibit in the castle was very detailed and contained a lot of information and history. It has been around since the 13th century and a lot has happened between then and now. So much detail and also a lot of battles over the years. Was sad reading about the number of people killed over the years. The English during this time period were very brutal to the people of Limerick, and to the rest of Ireland as well.

After wandering around the exhibit for nearly a half an hour I went outside to see the castle from the inside the walls. It is quite a large castle but I didn’t climb up to the walls. I was okay with being on the ground. There were several exhibits that showed how people lived in the castle when it was being actively used. When I felt I’d seen enough I left and started to walk towards St. Mary’s.

On the way to St. Mary’s I passed a bakery and stopped in for a few minutes. I successfully left without buying anything. Though I was tempted. So many treats to look at.

St. Mary’s is actually older than the castle and has been added to over the years, but still looks very old inside and out. I would have liked to have stayed longer but the staff were ready to close for the day and I was their last guest.

I saw that a large Tesco was nearby, and was on the way back to the flat, so I walked over to see if I can find my oats. I wasn’t used to being is such a large grocery store, but I found what I was looking for and also a package of English muffins. (Perhaps my reward for not buying a treat at the bakery earlier.) Was thinking that maybe stores in Ireland don’t often carry English muffins because of the word “English”, knowing how they were treated years ago.

When I returned to the flat I tried to sleep but couldn’t, which is just as well because I didn’t sleep well last night. After taking care of correspondence, doing another load of wash, taking a shower, and writing this blog I’m ready for dinner. And now it is nearly 9:00. (I forgot to add, and also sending in money to top up the power in the flat. I’ve heard about this, but this is my first experience with an Airbnb flat where the guests have to pay for the power. Easy to do, just log into the website, enter in the account number, the amount you wish to pay and your card information. Then enter the system code into the box on the wall once your payment has been accepted.)

Hope I can get a good sleep tonight. I’m taking the bus to Killarney tomorrow and found I function better when I have a good sleep the night before.

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