Friday, 23 August 2019

9 New Dock Street (Galway, Ireland)

Yesterday I took a day tour to the Cliffs of Moher. I met the tour group at a nearby bus station and we left Galway at 10:00 a.m. The bus driver, who is also our tour guide, kept us informed and entertained as we drove to the Cliffs. We made several stops along the way visiting historical sites and points of interest. I was more interested in hearing about Irish history. Had a very filling lunch in one of the small towns that we passed through. I ordered a Guinness beef stew for lunch and boy was I full when I finished. And it wasn’t really a large portion.

As we approached the cliffs we learned that it had been fogged in up to 30 minutes prior. Not that is was exceptionally clear and sunny but at least we’ll get a good look at the cliffs. The visitor center is built into the hillside and it was a short hike up to the cliffs. You have a choice of going to the left or the right, depending on which view you want to see. The route to the right looked easier and I took that route.

Eventually I got up to a point where I could see a long view of the cliffs. I can say there is nothing like them. So tall and majestic. I can see why this site is so popular. Our guide said that 6 million people visit annually, making it one of the top attractions in Ireland. I walked around for about 45 minutes taking pictures from various locations before walking back down the hill. I wanted to see a presentation in the visitor center about the cliffs before getting back on the bus.

We made one stop on the way back to Galway. It was next to the ocean and rather than sand, the approach to the ocean was ancient flat rock that had been worn over the last million or so years. Very unusual. We only stayed for 10 minutes then it was back on the bus.

I was exhausted when we got off the bus. (Forgot to mention the size of the tour group was about 45 people.) I knew I was going to be too tired to cook so I picked up a pizza along the way back to the flat. By the time I answered email and messages I was ready for bed, though I did watch an episode of my sci-fi program.

Today I got up fairly early to clean and pack before leaving for Limerick. I pretty much finished at 11:00 a.m. and was out the door. I wheeled my suitcase to the bus depot to wait for the bus to Limerick. Got a bit confused when I saw a monitor say that the next bus was at 1:45 p.m. rather than 12:00. When I asked I was told it was the monitor for the train. The bus and train station share the same building. Oops!

Is was only a 90 minute bus ride to Limerick and had enough time at the station in Limerick to have a bite to eat before meeting the housekeeper of the Airbnb flat who would give me the tour. I again wheeled my suitcase for nearly 20 minutes to get to the building to meet her. To be honest, I did get a bit turned around which caused me to be late.

What a great view I have! A wide view of River Shannon out the window and of Limerick. Think I’ll like it here. I went shopping after I got settled. At the local SPAR store were I went I saw they didn’t have any beer. The guy at the counter said that they have another store nearby and he could give me a lift since he was headed over there. I said sure and thanked him. I found out he owned both stores. We had a great talk during the short drive and picked up my beer and headed back to my flat-in-the-sky.

Not sure what I’m doing tomorrow. Hope I don’t spend my time staring out the windows at the view.

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