Sunday, 18 August 2019

13 Pearse Road (Sligo, Ireland)

Was ready at 10:00 this morning and standing outside when John (my Airbnb host) arrived to take me on a tour of the Sligo area. Since I had pretty well scoped out the downtown area yesterday he drove me outside the city of Slingo (population is around 20,000).

He first drove us to Strandhill, a very popular beach community where the main activity is surfing. Who knew? The waves were equal to what you’d find in the Pacific. John showed me a few of the places where surfers can stay. Everything from a small room for those on a budget up to a place that offers 1,500 Euros a night suites.

From there we drove over to the Sligo Yacht Club and saw where his daughter takes out her boat. We saw swimmers diving into, what I’d presume to be, cold water. The nearby beaches were vacant since the weather, while mostly sunny, was a bit on the cool side.

The countryside is varied. Everything from fields to small mountains. One mountain is a popular with hikers and on the top you’ll find the grave of Queen Maeve which looks like a very large mound on top of the mountain.

We visited the grave of W.B. Yeats and had a cup of coffee nearby. (The grave is quite a tourist attraction.) From there we visited Markree Castle which as been refurbished and now used as an example how people who occupied these grand places lived and carried about their day-to-day lives. A great place for young people to learn about their history.

We kept driving around and saw a couple of other castles that have been converted to hotels and then ended the tour by driving through an area of Megalithic tombs that were built in the Neolithic era (4th millennium BCE) This area was very popular with tourists.

The day turned out much better than expected. No rain at all and mostly sunny while we were out and about. 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The time flew by. So interesting to be with someone who lived in New York City for several years and has continued to make regular visits to the east coast. He and his wife especially like visiting Florida. There wasn’t much about the U.S. that I could share that he didn’t know already.

Tomorrow I leave for Galway, which has a population four times that of Sligo. I’m staying an extra day there (four nights) so I have plenty of time to see that part of Ireland. Madeline will pick me up at 11:00 in the morning and take me to the bus depot.

I’ve really enjoyed my stay in John and Madeline’s place. I’ll be sure to offer excellent reviews to Airbnb. Like I told them, their place was much better than I expected and exceeded my expectations.

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