Saturday, 17 August 2019

13 Pearse Road (Sligo, Ireland)

Had a good sleep last night in my new flat here in Sligo. Though I got up a few times during the night, but that is normal for me. I discovered that the host here didn’t provide any sugar, which I should have checked for yesterday before I went shopping. Thankfully I have a few packets of sugar, complements of Hilton Hotels.

I couldn’t wait until morning to have a bowl of oats. It was 3:30 a.m. when I got up and had an urge to make a bowl to enjoy. Since I didn’t have much sugar I added more cinnamon. The hosts did leave me a large container of milk and another of orange juice. Also a small package of locally baked whole wheat bread, which tasted great after being toasted.

It was a slow start getting away for a walk today. That is the problem with having a nice Airbnb to stay in. You don’t really want to leave. So nice to just relax in a new place and enjoy the garden out back. But the sun was shining and it was calling me to get outside to enjoy it.

There isn’t a lot of historical things to see within the city of Sligo. I’m more interested in walking around and enjoying the local sights. During my walk I passed the Victorian courthouse and also the old abbey. The River Garavogue runs swiftly through the city and there are three bridges in the city center that pass over it.

Just as I was thinking about finding a place for lunch it started to rain. It was then I saw a place, the Flipside, that offered hamburgers and milkshakes which sounded great to me, plus I could get out of the rain. Their featured burger was a thick and juicy. I had to ask what shredded gem was (cut up lettuce). Also a chocolate milkshake. Boy was I full when I walked out the door. I found a nearby park and sat down to let my meal settle in.

Sligo was the home to William Butler Yeats and is remembered in several places around the city. Yates called Sligo “The Land of Heart’s Desire”. He was one of Ireland’s noted figures of literature who was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 1923.

Another place I wanted to visit was the city’s Peace Park, which was on the route back to where I’m staying. I thought it was interesting that the whole park is surrounded by high walls and there are only two entries to it. Think I walked around most of the park looking for an entrance. Fairly simple inside. Nice green lawn, trees and several places to sit. About the size of a city block. I sat in the quiet park for about 15 minutes before continuing my walk.

Was still tired when I walked in the door with a small package of sugar that I purchased at the nearby store. Made myself a cup of tea which I enjoyed while looking out into the back garden and answering email and messages. A long nap afterward was very welcomed.

Tonight I need to make a few more reservations and then I’ll watch a little TV. Not many channels are provided by the Airbnb host’s cable service but I can always mirror something from my phone to watch if there is nothing on. Last night I watched part of the movie Selma which centered around the march from Selma to Montgomery. I could only watch part of it. I found it difficult to watch, but I saw the whole movie in the theater several years ago. I remember as a young boy watching the march on TV and wondering why it was such a big deal. Now I know.

I’ll look forward to hearing from my Airbnb hosts to know when they will pick me up for my tour of the Sligo area tomorrow.

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