Friday, 16 August 2019

1 Simpsons Brae (Londonderry, Northern Ireland)

I was up early this morning. The plan was to get to the bus depot early in order to buy a ticket to Sligo. After a cup of coffee I was ready. I didn’t know which taxi company to use so I went to Google to see which one had the best reviews. The first company I called said it would be about an hour before someone would be available. They suggested I find a company closer to where I’m staying. I called one that was nearby and was told that someone would be by in a few minutes. Perfect!

After arriving at the depot the taxi driver was okay with waiting for me to buy a ticket and then would return me to the flat. When I asked for a ticket at the bus depot I was told I would have to get the ticket from the driver. The customer service representative last night said that the station could sell me a ticket. I guess that was the wrong answer. The person at the Derry depot said that the bus is rarely full and if I arrive early and get in the queue I shouldn’t have a problem with finding a seat.

I returned to the flat and took an hour nap, then woke up and had another cup of coffee and prepared my English muffin and egg. I finished cleaning and packing and was out the door a little after 12:00 in order to get to the depot early for my 1:15 bus. Again, when I called for a taxi they were there within five minutes. The driver said he was going to a place near Slingo for the weekend to fish for trout. I asked if I could catch a ride. He didn’t offer to take me.

As it turned out there were not many people queued up for the bus and got two seats to myself. Along the way people got on and off the bus at various stops and it seemed that there was just enough room for everyone to have a seat.

In about three hours we pulled into the Sligo depot. Along the way I saw many farms and some very beautiful and deep green scenery. I was thinking about taking a few pictures but there was dirt on the window and it rained off and on.

The Airbnb host and her daughter met me at the depot, which I think is a first for me. Usually I have to find my own way to the flat. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. Another first. It was a short ride to the flat and saw that it was very close to a grocery. Again I have a full house with three bedrooms up and on the ground floor was the front sitting room, dinning room and kitchen. It looked much better than the pictures in their Airbnb ad.

After they showed me around they left and soon after I walked to the grocery to pick up a few items. Good selection except for one item. I asked one of the people working there where I might find whole rolled oats. All they seemed to have was oat porridge. While walking around I found the whole oats next to the nuts and whole grain display.

I took a long nap after I returned to the flat, then after I woke I put in a load of laundry. I also fired up the boiler and warmed up the house. While thinking about what to have for dinner I realized that I forgot to buy potatoes. Also I’ll pick up a small bottle of malt vinegar to season the spinach I bought earlier.

And now, after doing the wash, making dinner and eating it and cleaning up it is now nearly 10:00. I’ll probably stay up another hour before going to bed. Tomorrow I plan to walk around the town and check out the historical sites. The host’s husband will drive me around on Sunday, so it looks like everything is working out as planned.

Now to watch a bit of TV then to bed. I get to look forward to a bowl of hearty (whole) oats with a touch of sugar and cinnamon. Also an English muffin and fried egg. I need the energy for all the walking that I’ll be doing.

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