Tuesday, 13 August 2019

1 Simpsons Brae (Londonderry, Northern Ireland)

Yesterday morning I said goodbye to Csabi and continued on with my day. Mostly got caught up with writing this blog and organizing and posting pictures. Was able to book more hotel and Airbnb stays for Germany, France and Switzerland.

Today I was up early, had breakfast, packed and was out the door by 10:15. Have planned several transfers that will get me from London to Londonderry by the end of the day. Definitely not a straight shot. I took an Uber to Kings Cross, a train to Luton Airport, then a shuttle bus to the terminal. From there I caught the flight to Belfast, an Uber to the train station in Belfast, then the train to Londonderry. All of this took nearly 8 hours. The only hiccups were not realizing how far away the EasyJet gate was from security and thought I was going to miss the flight. The other delay was that I arrived at the Belfast train station just as the train was leaving for Londonderry and had to wait an hour for the next train. All in all, not too bad.

My Uber driver from the Belfast airport to the train station was a guy who was originally from Romania. Wow, did he have opinions about world politics! I mainly sat and listened. It made for an interesting ride that is for sure.

My flat here is three bedrooms but the price was good and it is close to the train station. I did some grocery shopping, made dinner, wrote this blog posting and now ready for bed.

Tomorrow I’ll walk around the town and visit the local sites. The attraction that I’m really interested to see is the Giant’s Causeway. That will be on Thursday. Earlier I received a note from the Travel Channel regarding the video of Kings Cross station I posted on Instagram. They would like to use it somehow and I said okay.


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