Sunday, 11 August 2019

DoubleTree Islington (London, England)

Not much planned for today (Saturday, 10 August) except to find a place to do a load of laundry. I noticed that my first stop in Ireland doesn’t have a washer so thought I better be sure that I had a suitcase full of mostly clean clothes to last me through that stay and on to the next stop.

I remembered a laundry from when I stayed in this area last December. I thought the laundry might be busy since it was a Saturday, but was pleasantly surprised when I found I was the only one in the shop. It was a fairly nice day outside so maybe people wanted to be outside rather than inside doing their laundry.

When I returned to the hotel I happened to ask the front desk if Housekeeping was finished with my room. They were not, even though I asked the front desk to let them know I was going to be out for two hours. Oh well, I guess I’ll wait.

I had bought a couple of sandwiches on my walk back to the hotel and ate one for a late afternoon meal and the other as I was watching TV later in the evening. A nice restful day today. Tomorrow Csabi will be coming into London and will look forward to seeing him again.

Today, Sunday, I took the underground over to Oxford Street and then I walked around Soho. While in Soho I returned to a place that serves excellent burgers and ate there. When it was close to when Csabi was to arrive in Euston station I took the underground over to meet him there.

We had coffee at our traditional coffee place. He had brought me a couple of crêpes and I ate one there with my tea. He said he was bringing me pancakes and was not expecting a French crêpe. It was filled with strawberry jam and it was a nice treat.

Later that evening we went to a Chinese restaurant that he picked out. The menu was amazingly diverse. Though some of the items featured innards from various animals. No thanks. We found several items that we both liked an ordered those. We started off with a hot and sour soup which tasted like what you’d find in the U.S. Csabi said that it is served in Hungary as well. We were stuffed by the time we left the restaurant.

Tomorrow Csabi will leave for his home in Milton Keynes and will say goodbye until later this year. Guess I’ve seen everyone who I wanted to see before leaving on the next leg of my journey.

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