Monday, 5 August 2019

Hilton Angel Islington (London, England)

Since Csabi wasn’t planning to be here until 4:30 yesterday afternoon I went to Soho to look around and shop for new waterproof hiking boots. I took the underground over to the Oxford Circus station. Shopping along Oxford Street is always an experience. You never know what you might see. There were several street performers who I enjoyed and the streets were packed with shoppers. I’m sure there were a few pickpockets in the area, but I keep my valuables in a hidden zippered pocket in my trousers.

I didn’t find my boots but have some ideas on what I’d like to buy. Somehow buying waterproof boots on a sunny day wasn’t a good fit. In any case I made it to Euston station just before Csabi’s train was scheduled to arrive. We walked over to the coffee shop that we visit when he comes into London. I heard about his walking trip that he was on in June in the Scottish highlands (49 miles!) his new bike and his visit to see family in Hungary.

Last night we ate dinner at an Italian restaurant that he found. Great food and actually shared a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, which was unusual since neither of us drink much. Especially Csabi. We talked a lot about future plans and had a great time.

This morning we talked more over breakfast before he left to return to Milton Keynes. Always good to catch up with Csabi. He was one of the first people I met after I started traveling in Europe. Hard to believe that three years ago he could barely speak English and now he has an extensive vocabulary and knows a lot of the slang they use in England. Very impressive!

This afternoon I went over to the the area around the Shard. I hadn’t been in the area for a couple of years. An interesting blend of ancient and modern London. I can see the Shard from my hotel room. After I doing a little shopping in that area and then around my hotel I returned to my room for a nap.

I have made train reservations to visit Prean in Wales tomorrow. He will pick me up at the station in Abergavenny tomorrow afternoon. Viktor is still in Moscow. I’ll stay a couple of days there before returning to London. There are a couple of friends who were out of town while I was here this time who I’d like to see before I start my tour that will last until December.

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