Monday, 29 July 2019

6 Glencairn Crescent (Edinburgh, Scotland)

My rest in Edinburgh will soon be over and I’ll be on the go for the next few months. This two-month stay couldn’t have been timed better. Also, being in Edinburgh, and being in a cooler climate, was a good move as well. My friends in London, and those in Germany too, were miserable during this last heat wave. Meanwhile, it was much cooler up here and a few opened windows kept me comfortable.

I’m thinking about staying for a month in Edinburgh before returning to the U.S. next year. Probably during the month of June. While here, I’ll again schedule appointments with the dermatologist, dentist, and ophthalmologist. I might have a quick physical as well. So much cheaper here than in the U.S. Was shocked at what I was charged to have my teeth cleaned and polished – $49!

I decided to not continue with my workouts for the remainder of this stay. My right knee is just now starting to get back to normal. Though still a little pain when I touch my kneecap. I’ve been walking, but not too much. I’ll do plenty of walking when I return to London. My only remaining concern has been a series of headaches and migraines that I’ve had over the past few weeks. Probably from my fall but they have now gone away and I’m feeling much better.

I visited another castle just south of Edinburgh in Alnwick. Actually the castle is Alnwick Castle and its claim to fame is not only its size but the numerous times it has been used in exterior shots for movies and TV. Such as Harry Potter and Downton Abby. My visit was a bit of a struggle due to the connections that were needed to get me to the castle and back to the train station. Though I did a lot of walking that day and was a bit sore the following day.

I took a timeout from travel planning. Think I was getting a little overwhelmed from the planning and booking process. I discovered a mistake that I was able to get corrected. I had booked my hotel stay in Rotterdam for the wrong month! I only found this out when I looked at my phone’s calendar and saw the incorrect dates. It was a non-refundable / non-changeable booking that I made with Hilton. Was almost out $500 if they couldn’t make the change.

I finally finished with transcribing my mom’s notes that she made in my baby book. My brother and I both have books that our mom used to keep notes of our early years. My book was fully completed, front to back. I sent the transcription to our cousins, my uncle (her brother) and aunt, my brother and my niece. While transcribing I kept looking for clues to see how this little boy, now grown, decided to move to Europe for four years. The only clue I saw was a note she made about some of my first words. One in particular was “what’s that” that I started to say at the time of my first birthday. She also noticed that I was curious about everything, especially mechanical things. I remember how I liked to take things apart – though I wasn’t very good about putting them back together.

I’ve really enjoyed the kitchen in this flat. One of the best Airbnb kitchens over the last three years. The induction stovetop (or “hob”) I love. Almost as good as cooking with gas, though it can heat up a pan much quicker. I made a batch of Italian meatballs and tried out a new recipe for marinara sauce. These meatballs also make great sandwiches.

Last week I went to watch a movie, “Yesterday”. It was about a guy who discovered that after a global power outage, he was the only one who remembered the Beatles. (It was a fantasy film.) He was a musician and he started to play a few of the Beatle’s songs for his friends and then for audiences once he found out they were hearing the music for the first time. Was fun to watch.

I’ve been saving the grocery receipts so I could document the prices of items I purchased while here in Edinburgh. I converted the prices into USD. (I’ve done this before in different countries.)

Milk (2 pints): $1.22
Banana (5): $1.53
Cheese (.75 lb.) $3.60
Bread $1.10 (small whole wheat loaf)
O.J. (1 Liter) $1.80 (freshly squeezed)
Ground Beef $2.80 (1/2 pound)
Chicken Breast $4.90 (1/2 pound)
Whole Chicken $6.75 (Large)
Spinach (Bag) $1.22 (Small)
Eggs (6) $1.25
Tuna (Can) $1.35
Green Peas $2.50 (Large bag)
Diced Tomatoes $ .60 (28 oz can)

Tomorrow is my last full day in Edinburgh. I have a couple of museums that I’d like to visit before I leave. Other than that I’ll start to pack so I’ll be ready for the 10:30 a.m. train to London on Wednesday. My idle days are over for awhile, but like I wrote before, I’m glad I had this opportunity to collect my thoughts, visit doctors and rest before moving forward. Good to listen to yourself and act accordingly.

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