Thursday, 20 June 2019

23 Great King Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

On Monday I didn’t do much. Just worked out and then made beef stew for dinner. I started to watch Bodyguard on Netflix – think I’m hooked. No wonder the six episode series was so popular. It was recently a BBC program then Netflix picked it up.

Tuesday I left early via Uber to Waverley Station and from there traveled up to Perth. My destination was Scone Palace. The palace is located just outside of Perth and it’s where the ancient Scottish kings were once crowned.

I decided to call for an Uber this morning to take me to Waverley Station. I didn’t feel like walking the whole way. I wanted to make sure that I arrived at the station early enough so I wasn’t rushed.

Nice ride up to Perth. I had to transfer to another train in Stirling, but the trains were on time and didn’t have a problem getting into Perth. At Perth I took a taxi to Scone Palace. A bus would have been cheaper, but it would have taken almost an hour to get there. Besides, I always enjoy talking with the taxi drivers, who seem to offer helpful, if not interesting, information.

The Scone Palace was built as a family country home in the early 1600s. It has no real connection to the coronation of Scottish kings. Edward I, and later mobs, ruined the abbey where the coronations took place and there is now nothing left except for a replica of the coronation stone.

I had a nice lunch in the palace cafe before touring the home. The present owners (9th Earl of Mansfield, William David Murray) lives with his family nearby. The home is now used for special occasions and opened for visiting guests. Otherwise, it is like a home museum.

The palace is kept up very well and there are guides assigned to every room to answer guest’s questions. Also each room had a written guide available in many languages. No audio guides here, which was fine with me. I can read faster than someone can talk.

Nothing really historical about the home, except Victoria and Albert visited in 1842. One of the guides said that the long hall just off the main entrance is the longest in the U.K. Indeed, it was very long. After going through the house I walked around the grounds before calling a taxi to return me to the train station.

I had a window seat on return trip to Edinburgh. It was getting to be late in the afternoon and I enjoyed looking out at the clouds. It could be my imagination, but Scotland’s landscape and clouds are very majestic and beautiful. Almost looks like a painting. Though I’ve heard this from others so there must be some truth to it.

I walked from Waverley Station to my flat. When I got back I was ready for a nap. Thankfully I had some beef stew in the fridge and ate that later then watched TV.

Today I worked out again and ate more of the meatloaf that I had in the freezer. I still have another chuck of meatloaf in the freezer. Meatloaf does last a long time and inexpensive to make. I still have enough ground beef and ground pork to make another batch but think I’ll do that later in July.

In the early evening Donna and Adrien stopped by to change the sheets and give me fresh bath towels. Next week I move to one of their other flats where I’ll stay a week then move to my favorite place on Glencairn Crescent where I’ll stay until 31 July.

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