Sunday, 16 June 2019

23 Great King Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

I’ve really been lazy for the past few days. Though have been going to the gym to do my workouts. At least I’m doing that. Very surprising how you can fill up a day without being productive.

I have been watching some of the press on the 2020 candidates. Mostly Pete Buttigieg who is getting most of my attention. I hear a lot of good ideas but I’m looking for a leader who sees a bigger picture. Still too early to make any firm decisions.

On Friday I was contacted by a recruiter from Dublin. She was interested in my experience and wants to talk to me later this next week. I’m mainly interested to learn how willing they would be to take me on long term and sponsor a work visa. I’d like to keep my options open.

Tomorrow is Scone Castle just outside of Perth. More stories about this place after I visit it.

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