Thursday, 13 June 2019

23 Great King Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

It has been mostly cloudy over the past few days with rain here and there. Hope it stays that way so I can continue to enjoy the cooler weather. The folks back in Oregon were very hot over the last couple of days. I’d rather have it be a little chilly than hot any day.

I’ve been to Bannatyne Health Club for the last three days with no adverse effect afterward. My only limitation is doing planks in the push up position. Otherwise, I can do all of my stretching, aerobic, and weight exercises. The only change is to my aerobic workout by dividing the time between the rowing machine, bike and treadmill. Generally I do it all on the rowing machine, but that might put too much stress on my back.

After my workout today I went to see my dentist. I made an appointment on Monday and they got me into to see him today. I’m most concerned about the part of a tooth that fell out back in March while I was in Italy. I was hoping for the best and all he did was to patch up the missing piece of my tooth and I was on my way. No root canal or crown. I’ll return in a few weeks to have my teeth cleaned.

I managed to reach Cousin Donna today. I’ve been trying off and on over the past few days and finally spoke to her this evening. She was in the hospital for the past month recovering from more hip surgery and has a nurse staying with her as she fully recovers. She will be 85 soon and it takes longer for her to heal. But she sounded great and we had a good time catching up. She didn’t have all good news for me. Her sister Mary Kay is under hospice care and isn’t expected to live much longer. She has the final stages of Alzheimer’s but is able to stay at home with full time care from nurses and her son.

I’m finding more castles to visit while I’m here in Scotland. Now I have three on my list. Surprisingly I’m doing research on each castle before I arrange my visit. So much history in this part of the Great Britain island.

Tomorrow I may not go to the gym for a workout. I should take a day off and will go again on Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I’m making my chicken stir-fry. Earlier this week I made a meatloaf using the ground pork I bought by mistake. It turned out well but after a few meals I put the remainder in the freezer and will take out next week and finish it off.

I continue to work on my travel plans. Fun to find new places to visit, though when I start looking at one place another place looks interesting to visit as well. We will see how it all comes together over the next few weeks.

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