Wednesday, 5 June 2019

23 Great King Street (Edinburgh, Scotland)

My cold seems to have gone away and now I’m not blowing my nose as much. Though I’m sleeping off and on throughout the day. At first I was thinking I should be more productive, but then remembered that I’m here to rest up.

My to-do list is getting longer but it can wait. Nothing I need to do for the next few days. I have so many small projects on my list, but if I feel like resting then that is what I’ll do.

Today I pulled myself together enough to make beef stew. I had forgotten how firm the carrots can be in Scotland and how long they take to cook before they soften up. After an hour on low heat they were still firm and after two hours they were just starting to soften up. After another 30 minutes I couldn’t wait any longer and spooned out a bowl to eat while I watched TV. Then I enjoyed another bowl.

I discovered today that Edinburgh has a problem with foxes in the city. I thought I saw a fox sniffing around in a neighbor’s yard early this morning. Then Googled “foxes in Edinburgh” and learned that under consideration by local government is how to thin out the population. I hope their solution is trapping them and relocating the foxes to the wilderness.

Tomorrow I must get a haircut. The weather is supposed to be partly sunny and in the 60s. Will be a good day for a walk. I’m getting “cabin fever” by staying indoors so much.

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