Friday, 30 May 2019

Hilton Kensington (London, England)

On Thursday the 29th my only activities for the day was to buy new socks and to watch the movie Rocketman. It was a long day yesterday and I needed to rest for at least one day.

I was looking forward to eating at my favorite Chinese restaurant in the Westfield mall (also where the movie will be shown), but when I got there the restaurant was closed. From what I could tell it looked like it was going to be permanent. It being near lunch many places had long lines. I opted for lunch at Byron, a popular burger restaurant. Though I had to eat my burger fairly quickly since the movie was to start in 20 minutes.

For a few pounds more I upgraded my seat for the movie. Nice to have the extra leg room. While watching the previews I saw a couple of movies that I’d like to watch, but I was here to watch Rocketman, the film about Elton John. I enjoyed the movie very much, and as I’ve mentioned before, I can tell if I enjoy a movie by how often I check the time while the movie is playing. I didn’t check the time once. And that is my review.

After buying new socks, taking a nap, eating dinner, and writing blog updates, it was almost time for bed. Tomorrow I will leave somewhat early for Oxford.

Today (Friday) I was out of the hotel by 11:00 and on my way to Paddington for my one hour train trip to Oxford. While on the train I decided I should go on a walking tour rather than try understand Oxford (town and the school). Having a world-renowned higher educational school in an ancient town would not be easy to understand without someone pulling it all together for you.

I met the guide and the tour group (of 8) and off we went to visit the first nearby school, Balliol. I took a number of pictures within the school’s chapel. We visited another nearby college as well. There are 38 colleges and six PPH (Permanent Private Halls of religious foundation) within Oxford but administratively connected. The very large bookstore (Blackwell’s) and library next door were of great interest as well as the old hall that was the first lecture hall. Of course we were told which buildings were used in the making of the Harry Potter movies.

One of our final stops was the Radcliffe Camera that was built to house the Radcliffe Science Library. The building is one of the most visited in the university due to its age and octagonal shape. It some cases the building is used to represent Oxford University.

Once our tour was finished we went our separate ways. I walked toward the Oxford station and bought a ticket for the return to London. By this time I had walked over 15,000 steps. Once I returned to my hotel room I was exhausted. I took a nap because I wanted to be somewhat rested to meet up with my friend Ken at 9:00.

Ken and I met Christmas before last but haven’t met up since then. We both have a background in IT and we shared a number of stories. We promised to do a better job of keeping in contact.

Again I was exhausted when I returned to my hotel. What a long day! And tomorrow I leave (finally) for my two month rest in Edinburgh. I’d like to leave the hotel by 9:00 tomorrow to ensure I’m at Kings Cross for the 10:30 departure of my train.

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