Monday, 27 May 2019

9 Gascoyne Place (Plymouth, England)

I’m enjoying my new mobility now that the issues with my back and leg seem to be resolved, for the most part. Still a little bit of discomfort but I’m doing so much better. I enjoyed a lazy morning after I made breakfast. Just to relish being pain free.

Once I got myself pulled together and left the flat I headed towards the harbor which is the more historical part of Plymouth. It was about a 10 minute walk down the hill to the harbor from where I’m staying. You can tell that boating is popular here. Not only recreational but there are fishing boats and several ferries too.

Until I started investigating Plymouth I forgot that this was where the Mayflower and Speedwell departed and then returned when the Speedwell started to leak. As a result, I saw many references to the Mayflower. No one knows exactly where the Mayflower was docked since the harbor has changed so much over the last 400 years. Next year is the 400th anniversary.

There are many restaurants around the harbor and this being a U.K. Bank Holiday (Monday) there were many people walking around with friends and family. The weather was partly cloudy so a great day to be out and about.

I settled on a restaurant that declared that the cod used for fish and chips was sustainable. Not sure exactly what that meant but the restaurant looked somewhat popular and I placed an order of fish and chips. What I got served was nearly one half of a fish, or so it seemed since it was so large. A very filling lunch!

I walked around the harbor a bit longer then saw a place that was serving ice cream made with local Cornwall cream. Apparently the dairy products in this part of England are considered to be top grade and the ice cream is well-known. I ordered “Cornwall Vanilla” in a wafer cone. Delicious! From there, I climbed up a hill for a better view. Not wanting to over exert myself, I started my return to the flat.

I’m very happy that my back and leg are returning to normal. I was getting a bit concerned. I’m generally in excellent health and not a good sport when I comes to being restricted by an ailment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll continue to improve.

Tomorrow I leave for London. I’m thinking about returning to Plymouth later this year or next year. And will be sure to rent this flat again. It suits me very well! I’ll be sure to tell my Airbnb host how much I enjoy staying here when I see her tomorrow.

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