Sunday, 26 May 2019

9 Gascoyne Place (Plymouth, England)

I was up early and ready to visit Penzance today. Of course I started the day with hash browns and fried eggs. I found a grater in the cupboard that is much better than the one I bought in Montpellier, which made grating the potatoes easier.

After I got ready I left the flat and went down to the street to call for a taxi. I’m still feeling quite a bit of pain in my left leg and thought it best to take a taxi to the train station. I could walk there in 20 minutes, but not today.

I found a seat on the train and settled in for the nearly two hour trip to Penzance. Along the way I saw many fields, mostly devoted to cows and sheep. Like my trip yesterday, I could see the ocean every so often. Looking at the map, it is difficult to tell if I’m seeing where the English Channel meets the Atlantic or if what I’m seeing is considered to be the Atlantic. Or it could be considered the Celtic Sea.

Once I arrived at Penzance I noticed my leg was really hurting. I had to sit down several times to do a few stretching exercises so I could walk out of the train station. From Penzance I was thinking of taking either a taxi or a bus to Lands End – the most westerly point of England. I had thought it would be at least £50 for a round trip, but this was just a guess. Well, I guessed correctly. This was the exact amount quoted to me by a taxi driver who I talked with while in the queue at the station.

As I was sitting at the bus stop I could see that fog was rolling in and that, in addition to the pain in my leg, caused me to question if I should attempt to travel to Lands End. Maybe I should return to Plymouth? Going with my hunch, I opted to return to Plymouth. Too many indicators that told me that returning to Plymouth was the right choice.

I booked a return ticket to Plymouth then and there. The next train was due in 30 minutes and I used this time to order a take away from a nearby food vendor. I’ll eat this on the train. I ordered a tuna with cucumber sandwich on whole wheat bread, a can of lemonade, and a Snickers bar.

When I returned to my flat in Plymouth I did a few more stretching exercises, drank some tea, ate two pieces of toast and took a nap. When I woke up I got right out of bed without any pain in my leg. Nothing! I wrote up a blog posting and then made dinner – a toasted cheddar cheese sandwich.

I watched some TV for a couple of hours then went to bed. My leg and back were still doing very well. Perhaps a little tingling, but that was all. We’ll see tomorrow if I’m healing. As for tomorrow, I’m planning to walk to the old part of Plymouth, around the harbor, to see the local historical sites.

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