Saturday, 25 May 2019

Doubletree Hotel (London, England)

On Friday I didn’t do much. My back and leg are still not working right and I hung around the hotel most of the day. Exercising seems to work but every so often it becomes too painful to walk. Continuing to exercise and resting is probably best. Tomorrow I leave to Plymouth.

On Saturday I woke up early and my “condition” seemed to be in check as I packed to leave the hotel. My goal was to catch the 11:11 underground from nearby Angel station to Paddington station where my train will depart for Plymouth. I had to rush a little but made the train just fine.

When I was checking out of the hotel the clerk at the receptionist desk asked me about my stay. I had to say something about the housekeepers on my floor. A few days ago while I was waiting for them to finish with my room I heard their supervisor asking them to be quiet, but only when I pointed out that they were talking loudly. That didn’t seem to have any effect. Of all of the many wonderful things Hilton does well, this is an area of improvement in several of their properties. If this was a one or two star hotel I could understand, perhaps.

All in all, I was ready for my journey to Plymouth. The trip took nearly three hours since it wasn’t an express train. We made all the stops along the way. As we traveled I could see the southern coast on occasion but mostly I saw fields and an occasional small town. Beautiful green rolling hills.

When I arrived in Plymouth I took a taxi to the Airbnb flat and met the host. She showed me around the flat, located in a building from the early 1800s. Very nice place, neat and clean, and many goodies to enjoy. Think I’ll like it here.

After a nap I walked down to a nearby grocery and bought potatoes and eggs for my morning breakfast and then, on a recommendation from Maxine, my Airbnb host, I walked over to a Chinese restaurant and ordered food for dinner. A very popular place! During the short time I was there I saw three different drivers come in and collect food orders.

When I returned home I saw that they gave me very generous portions. How will I eat all of this? Well, I did and was very full when I finished. I could see why this restaurant is popular.

Tomorrow I leave for Penzance. I really want to see Lands End, which is the most westerly point of England. It will be a two-hour trip but I’ll see more of this part of England along the way.

Thought about my mom today. May 25 is her birthday and she would have turned 90.

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