Thursday, 23 May 2019

Doubletree Hotel (London, England)

I’ve been staying, for the most part, around the Islington area. Still sometimes painful at times to walk, though it seems to be getting a little better every day if I do my stretching exercises.

On Tuesday I went to Sloan Square (Chelsea) and had a pedicure, on Wednesday I just walked around the neighborhood and tried out a new fish and chips restaurant. On Thursday I met up with Csabi who came into London on his day off.

Was good to see Csabi again, and like all good friends we picked up where we left off. After we had coffee I suggested we visit St. Paul’s because he has never been there. Before we went into the Cathedral we had lunch at a nearby M&S.

Since I’ve been to St. Paul’s a few times I was able to give Csabi a fairly detailed tour of the Cathedral. While I certainly don’t know as much as the people who give the tours, I knew that what little I did know would be enough for Csabi. He was awestruck (as I still am) at the size of the place and the artwork and design of the interior.

The other reason I gave him the tour was because he had timed tickets for us to visit the Sky Garden, a viewing floor located in the “Walkie Talkie” (20 Fenchurch) building near Tower Hill. What an wonderful view from up there! After we walked around and took pictures we sat down and enjoyed a snack of raspberry muffins and water.

We parted ways since he was going to meet a friend in another part of London. It was good to see him again. Maybe I’ll see him again next week when I return to London after my visit to Plymouth.

Tomorrow I may go over to Kensignton Palace to see an exhibition or stay around the hotel and continue to exercise and rest.

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