Friday, 17 May 2019

9 Place d’Ariane (Serris, France)

I’m combining Thursday and Friday postings into one. I’ve caught a cold and not feeling 100%. Right now, I have a runny nose and sneeze every so often, but no sore throat or cough.

On Thursday we returned to the Disneyland complex and went through Walt Disney Studios. Similar to Disneyland, but more focused on Disney’s film projects. There were a couple of fun rides that we went on and also a tram, similar to the one found when you visit Universal Studios where you visit the back lot.

I returned to my flat early afternoon to rest while Rick, Aletha and James continued to shop, go on rides and enjoy the park. We’re meeting up again at 5:00 for dinner in the park.

Aletha treated us to a very nice dinner and afterwards I returned to the flat via the shuttle bus, which takes less than 10 minutes per trip. I must have been feeling the early signs of a cold since I was so tired.

I returned on the 9:30 shuttle to join them for the evening’s light show that started at 10:30. I really liked the show which featured songs from several of Disney’s movies. I think Rick wanted to see more fireworks but the laser lights displayed on the Sleeping Beauty castle were very well done. My favorite was the Star Wars sequence. (Of course.) We were all very tired as we caught the last shuttle back to town.

On Friday we went to the Palace of Versailles. It was fairly easy to get to from where we’re staying. Because everyone was tired from the night before we selected to enter the palace with 11:00 tickets so everyone could get a little extra sleep.

Even though this was my second time touring the palace it still is a great place to visit. I employed a few techniques to help move along Rick and Aletha without being too much of a pest. I tried to explain that there are many rooms to visit. Around 2:00 we were getting hungry and had lunch at one of the palace’s cafes. We toured a few more rooms in the palace then moved outside to the gardens. After all this the time was approaching 5:00.

The return trip was a little more stressful since we were traveling during rush hour. There was one train that was packed and we had to wait for several trains to pass before we could get to the next transfer point. Our lodgings are in the suburbs on the east side of Paris and Versailles is on the west side. It was an adventure for the three of them since they haven’t seen how rush hour works in a very big city.

We were all very tired when we returned to Serris. James slept on the train from Paris to Serris. The three of them went off to have dinner at a local place and I picked up a sandwich from the nearby grocery. But I didn’t eat the sandwich until around midnight. When I returned to my room I had a small glass of beer and then took a very long nap. When I woke I was ready to eat.

Tomorrow Rick, Aletha and James return to the U.S. and I will take Eurostar to London. We’re all leaving about the same time. I’ll order an Uber for them and make sure they get to the right terminal. I think they can handle it from there.

I haven’t planned much for my stay in London. The first few days I’ll mostly rest and take care of my cold, then perhaps I’ll visit Cornwall for a few days. We will see.

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