Wednesday, 15 May 2019

9 Place d’Ariane (Serris, France)

Today we’re visiting the Louvre museum. I managed to get three online tickets for us adults and found that James, being under 18, was going to be admitted for free. Another morning of hash browns and fried eggs. What a great way to start the day!

Was another beautiful day as we took the RER into Paris. We were nearly 800 meters away from the museum but that gave us time to walk in Paris and enjoy the sites before we arrived at the museum.

Again, because this wasn’t peak season, we got into the museum fairly quickly. Our first stop was to see the Mona Lisa. Just before we got there I decided to walk around on my own. Rick and Aletha, since this was their first time, wanted to walk around more slowly.

We met up for lunch and Aletha asked if James could go with me since museums are not too exciting for a 12 year old. I said sure and we planned to meet up again at 3:00. I didn’t order anything where they were eating so James and I found our own place to eat. We found another restaurant in a food court and I ordered lasagna and chocolate cake. James helped me eat both selections. From there we went outside and walked around before meeting up with Rick and Aletha.

We surprised Rick and Aletha with some souvenirs that I bought for James from a street vendor. James and I saw how happy another vendor was when someone bought items from them (since they hear the word “no” all day long). We bought a few items from another vendor so he could have at least one sale for the day. James was delighted with his Eiffel Tower souvenir and key chains.

After we met up with Rick and Aletha they went off to explore the gardens of the Louvre while I rested and posted pictures to Instagram. Then we walked back to the RER station for our return trip to Serris. It was during rush hour and the train was packed. We picked up a few items at McDonald’s and ate them on the train once we could find some seats on the train. It was about a 45 minute ride.

We had no plans for tonight so we went our separate ways to rest up before another day at the Disneyland park. Tomorrow we will visit the Walt Disney Studios when is next to Disneyland Paris. Again I went to bed early.

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