Tuesday, 14 May 2019

9 Place d’Ariane (Serris, France)

Today is the day we visit Disneyland Paris. I got a late start and we missed the first shuttle to Disneyland (a 10 minute ride from where we’re staying). We caught the next shuttle and arrived just before the gates opened at 10:00. Thankfully, it was not during the summer peak and we easily got into the park.

Aletha knows all things Disney and guided us through the various rides. I even rode Big Thunder Mountain twice, thought the first time my phone fell out in the car I was riding but a cast member found it (thankfully). We had lunch and rode a few more rides before it was time to go back for a rest before dinner. We missed the next shuttle so we took an Uber back.

I hadn’t been to a Disney park in several decades but it all seemed familiar once I walked around. I’m still amazed as to the popularity of the Disney experience. The difference of being in France is that characters, like the ones found in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, were bilingual. Oh la la!

We hadn’t realized how late it was and we didn’t have much down time before we returned to the park for dinner. But we pushed on.

We had dinner at a buffet restaurant that was in the park. Aletha had made reservations and we were quickly seated. There was an amazing number of dishes to try and we did our best to try a number of them, including dessert.

I thought they might be tired after a full day of being in the park but we continued with a few more rides after dinner. They were planning to stay for the fireworks but I had hit a wall on my energy reserve and took a shuttle back while they stayed longer. Once I got back to my flat I went to bed (at 9:45).

Tomorrow we’re planning on visiting the Louvre tomorrow. I’ll get the tickets and we’re planning a full day there.


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