Monday, 13 May 2019

9 Place d’Ariane (Serris, France)

I started off the day with a breakfast of hash browns and fried eggs. I had made a quick trip to a nearby grocery yesterday and bought a five pound bag of potatoes and a carton of eggs. A little awkward figuring out a new kitchen so early in the morning, but I managed.

Today I’m escorting Rick, Aletha and James to Paris. We are very much on the outskirts of Paris in a community that was designed to support Disney Paris, so it really doesn’t represent Paris at all. Our first stop this morning will be the Eiffel Tower. Not sure if we’ll be able to ride up the elevator, but we’ll try.

First item on my agenda was to get us into Paris. So many ticket options, but a person at the RER sales counter found the proper tickets for us and we were on our way.

Our RER ride ended at the Arc de Triomphe and Champs – Elysees where we made our way up to street level from the station. So many people were up there taking pictures, so we joined them and took pictures of our own. After about 15 minutes we went back underground and took a Metro to a stop close to the Eiffle Tower.

We had landed a bit of a distance from the tower but slowly make our way there. Some of us we in need of a restroom. The first public toilet we came upon was out of service but we found another further down the road, but there was a line. So we waited. Eventually we all did our business and we were walking in the park that extends from the tower.

We took many pictures along the way. So many people asking us to buy a small Eiffel Tower or key chains, but what a great day to take pictures. Blue sky and mild temperatures. Also a perfect day to take a boat ride down the Seine.

We bought our tickets for a one hour river tour and we were on our way. We sat up on the top and had great views of the city as we rode down the river and back. So many sites to see along the way. After our ride we had a quick bite at a take-out near the river and we were on our way to our next stop.

The Metro that I found took us in the wrong direction. (My fault.) We had intended to visit Sainte-Chapelle de Paris, a chapel known for its amazing stained glass windows. We decided to take an Uber to the location since it was getting to be late in the afternoon. We eventually arrived at the chapel, bought our tickets and we went into the chapel and up to the main part of the chapel where the stained glass windows were located.

After we finished taking pictures we left the chapel and located the nearest RER station and rode back to the station near to where we’re staying. We were all very tired and we called it a day. I bought a sandwich at the nearby grocery and was in bed early that night. Tomorrow is Disneyland Paris!

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