Sunday, 12 May 2019

Hilton Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris, France)

It always amazes me how quiet a hotel room could be when the hotel is located in the middle of a very busy airport. Morning came around too early as I prepared to check out of the hotel to be at the Terminal 2 complex where I will welcome my brother Rick, niece Aletha and her son James to Paris.

When I arrived at the terminal via the hotel shuttle I saw that their plane had just landed. A half hour early! I made my way to Terminal 2A and was there waiting for them as they made their way through Passport Control and picking up their luggage. It was good to receive a text from Aletha letting me know that they were on the ground and making their way through the terminal.

Once they got through customs and into the lobby we decided to sit down at a nearby Starbucks to figure out how we should travel to where we’ll be staying in Paris. Rick, Aletha and James will stay at a hotel in the community next to Disney Paris and I’m staying just around the corner from them in an Airbnb. I wasn’t sure if we should go by train or by Uber. We decided on Uber, which was a little more expensive but it was quicker and a Uber van could hold all of our luggage.

I stayed with them as they checked into their hotel, but since they were early, their room wasn’t ready and I still needed to pick up my keys from a location not too far from their hotel. We decided to find a place to eat somewhere in between once I had my keys. Having lunch together was a good way for us to connect again while waiting for their room to be ready.

After lunch they went with me to my Airbnb flat and we checked out my place together. By the time we did that it was 2:00 and we went around the corner to their hotel so they could move their luggage into their room. At last we were all ready to rest a little before we would meet up again to make our first visit to Disney Paris.

A shuttle took us from their hotel to the Disney park and we only visited the Disney Village tonight. While there we had dinner and looked through the various shops. At around 9:30 everyone was tired and we took the shuttle back to where we’re staying. It was a long day for them since they had be on the move for nearly 24 hours.

Tomorrow we will travel into Paris, about an hour away. We will first stop at the Arc de Triomphe, then the Eiffle Tower and a few other activites on their first full day in Paris. So much to see!

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