Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Garden Inn by Hilton (Bordeaux, France)

Today was destined to be another day of rest for me. Good to have more time for travel planning. Quite wet outside for most of the day but managed to get to the store and buy a few items for lunch and dinner like I did the day before.

As for travel planning I mainly worked on the schedule for next week and sent a link to Aletha for her to check over the updated spreadsheet that we’re using to to map out the activities for each day. Think we have a solid overall plan. We can update this plan when they arrive on Sunday and each day that they are in Paris.

I heard back from Prean and it looks like I probably won’t see him when I’m in London or in Wales. He will also have a full house in Wales so there won’t be room for me to see him there. Viktor is still in Moscow but he might return to London in June, but by that time I’ll be in Edinburgh. I now need a Plan B.

I’m looking forward to my two wine tours that I have scheduled for tomorrow and Friday. I also need to find a place to get my hair cut before I leave for Paris, but I think I can find a place on the way to where I’m meeting the tour group at 2:00. We will see.

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