Sunday, 5 May 2019

Garden Inn by Hilton (Bordeaux, France)

Looked forward this morning to a Hilton Breakfast. Think I was one of the first to sample the breakfast buffet today since I arrived shortly after it opened. Everything was just as expected except no Hilton hash browns. I substituted a croissant instead. An excellent substitution.

The weather forecast called for a sunny day today and I plan to walk around the historical part of Bordeaux, but first I decided to have a post-breakfast nap.

This hotel is very new and opened just last July. It is located in an area of Bordeaux that is currently being revitalized. Many new buildings in the area among the older ones that will either be refurbished or eventually replaced. I walked through this developing area on my way to the historical center of the city.

I passed by several churches during my walk. Some I went into and some I just took a picture from the outside. My destination was the Bordeaux Cathedral. I also came upon two old doors or ports into the city of Bordeaux. Porte Caihau was build as a ceremonial door (from 1490) and Porte de Bourgogne (1750s) was a symbolic gateway (arch) into the city.

The Bordeaux Cathedral looked immense as I walked towards it. You can’t miss it and I can see the steeple from my hotel room. As I walked inside I heard music and a choir singing. Found that it was the Soweto Gospel Choir from South Africa and they were rehearsing for their performance this evening. While I sat listening I looked them up on my phone and found out they had several albums available. (I texted Prean, who is from South Africa, if he knew of this choir. He texted back to say they were world famous.) I sat for nearly a half hour listening.

It was a long walk back to the hotel. As I was thinking about buying a baguette along the way I saw a small store ahead. Turns out they sold baguettes and I bought one. It was good to munch on while I walked. I later looked at how much I walked today and I exceeded 15,000 steps.

Tomorrow I’m planning on taking a train to nearby Arcachon which is on the Bay of Biscay. Also nearby to Arcachon is Dune du Pyla (Dune of Pilat) which is the highest dune in Europe. That is what I really want to see.

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