Saturday, 4 May 2019

32 Rue d’Alsace Lorraine (Toulouse, France)

Was up early and drank a cup of coffee before cleaning and packing before today’s journey to Bordeaux. Was very easy to do since the place is so small and I was done in a little over an hour. I had to walk several blocks to where I could request an Uber to pick me up since most of the streets are zoned for pedestrian use. I was at the station soon after that.

The train was on time but I had to find the coach were my seat was located. I didn’t realize that I had tickets that had an assigned seat. Sometimes I can get an assigned seat and sometimes not. I haven’t figured out the rhyme or reason why. The train wasn’t too crowded so I found a seat across the aisle that was by itself rather than sitting next to someone.

The travel time was about two hours and it went by fairly quick. When I got to the Bordeaux station it was packed with people. It was a Saturday and many people were traveling today. A number of people had backpacks with sleeping bags attached. Now there is something I won’t be doing.

I met the Uber driver nearby and we were at the hotel in a matter of minutes. It was a toss up whether I’d walk but there was light rain showers and I’d rather not walk in the rain if it could be avoided. Check in was easy and was assigned an executive room. I have a good view of the river. Same river that flows through Toulouse, the Garonne River.

I hadn’t had lunch so I dined in the hotel’s restaurant. I ordered a cod dish and also a salad as a starter. It was okay, but for 32 Euro, I could have had several days of meals if I had my own kitchen. C’est la guerre!

After a nap I posted more pictures to Instagram and wrote up another posting to the travel blog. Then answered a few emails. I thought about unpacking, but that never got done. I’ll do it tomorrow.

I really wasn’t that hungry, but I walked to a nearby grocery and bought a baguette, cheese, and sandwich for dinner. Also bought a bottle of Bordeaux wine for 3.50 Euro. I found even the cheaper bottles of wine are very good, but that is the opinion of someone who doesn’t know much about wine.

It was nearly 8:00 when I got back to the hotel and after watching some TV I was ready for bed. Tomorrow, since it will be mild weather, I’ll walk around the historical part of Bordeaux and see the sites.

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