Thursday, 2 May 2019

32 Rue d’Alsace Lorraine (Toulouse, France)

I was up early to catch my train to Albi, which is about an hour from Toulouse. No coffee this morning since I got up late and wanted to be at the train station early. I was out the door in 30 minutes.

Got a little turned around when walking to the train station but was soon on the right path once I discovered I was going in the wrong direction. It happens. I always purchase the outbound train ticket the night before. The return ticket I’ll purchase later from the Albi station.

When I arrived in Albi, and just as I left the station, I saw a church in the distance with a very large tower. I decided I must go there. Didn’t even know what it was, but I knew I wanted to see it up close. Turns out, it was the most prominent church (Cathedrale Sainte- Cecile) in Albi and was something I wanted to see.

I saw a cafe across from the Cathedral and thought I should have something to eat since I didn’t eat before leaving Toulouse. The menu was limited for breakfast but a saw that they served crepes with chocolate. I also ordered a cappuccino. Once eaten, I was then ready to start my tour.

Cathedrale Sainte-Cecile is an immense building. Said to be the largest building built with brick in the world. The interior was large as well. Very impressive. I walked all around the Cathedral taking pictures.

From there, my next stop was just across the street from the Cathedral at the Palais de la Berbie. This is where the Toulouse-Letrec Museum is located. As I walked towards this building I saw a sign pointing to the garden. It was amazing formal garden that you could see from a lookout point above. From there I also saw a great view of Albi, the Tarn River, and the medieval era Pont Vieux (bridge).

Then I went into the museum. The layout of the Toulouse-Letrec Museum was laid out over quite a few rooms with no arrows showing the order in which to view the rooms. You had to keep track of where you’ve been, but I figured it our eventually. So many paintings! From his earliest works and throughout his career. So glad I was able to see.

That is about all there is to be seen in Albi. It was time to leave for Toulouse. I wanted to be back a little early so I could stop by the Segway shop to book a tour for tomorrow. I returned to the station via the old part of the town. Many interesting streets lined with shops and restaurants. I took a number of pictures of the narrow streets and posted them on Instagram.

I bought a ticket for my return trip to Toulouse and waited for the train. An hour later I was back in Toulouse. From there I walked to the Segway office. It was closed. I decided I would try to call them later.

I was ready for a nap when I returned and woke up and tried to call the Segway office. No answer. I decided to walk over there and see if they were open. They were not. When I got back to the flat I sent them an email. If I don’t hear back from them I’ll go on a walking tour tomorrow.

In my very small kitchen I managed to cook a chicken breast, boiled potatoes and green peas. Very simple but it fills me up. I watched some TV then when I was ready for bed my neighbor decided to invite some people over. They were occasionally loud so I stayed up a little longer and eventually her guests left and all was quiet. The flat is very soundproof from street noise, which is nice.

If I don’t hear back from the local Segway office tomorrow by 9:00 a.m. I’ll make up my own tour. The extra walking would be good for me.

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