Saturday, 27 April 2019

8 Avenue du Pont Juvénal (Montpellier, France)

Yesterday I made another visit to the local grocery to buy more food items for the flat. I must remember that once I buy the food I have to carry it back to the flat and not to buy too much at one time. I can always return the next day. Good physical work out carrying a heavy bag of groceries.

In the afternoon I joined a few others for a Segway tour of Montpellier. The tour started in the old part of the city and concluded in the new Antigone district near to where I’m staying. Our starting point was the Place de la Comedie, which is one of the largest pedestrian spaces in Europe. Two of the best known features of the square is the statue of the Three Graces, emblematic goddesses of Montpellier, and the Comedie Opera House. (The square is named after a theater that burned down first in 1785 and again in 1855.)

The historical center is like many of Europe’s old cities. Narrow streets following random patterns that can get you lost if you’re not paying attention. Our tour stopped by old churches, parks, statues, and our tour guide’s favorite bakery. I made a note where the bakery was located.

The newer part of Montpellier, Antigone, was begun in the late 1970’s as the city expanded towards the sea as the result of continued population growth. The vision for this new district was very grand. Consecutive parks and squares form an axis one kilometer long. Most buildings are very grand.

After the 3-hour Segway tour I returned to the local market again and bought a few more items. Think I’ve shopped enough already. For dinner, I bought a chicken to roast. The kitchen in my flat contains everything I need. (Except for a grater to make hash browns.)

I’m getting a good sleep at night. Comfortable bed and a quiet neighborhood. The exterior window shade helps keep out noise and blocks out all light coming into the bedroom. Easy to oversleep without the sun waking you up.

Today I’m actually going to walk most of the same route I rode yesterday on the Segway. The tour guide kept us moving and I didn’t have time to take many pictures. Which is fine, because I wanted to look at some of the places we visited yesterday in more detail.

It was a nice walk through the old part of the city. A bit busier today because it was Saturday. I did stop in at the bakery that the Segway guide from yesterday recommended. There was quite a line of customers when I arrived. I bought a baguette and two croissants. I munched on the baguette as I walked back to the flat.

For lunch I ate a croissant and pressed two oranges in the host’s citrus press. (I must get one of those when I return to Portland.) After lunch I walked towards the Antigone district to look around some more and take pictures. I was particularly intrigued by an apartment building, with a bright white exterior, with extended balconies. It is located next to the river that runs through the district. I’d love to live there. The tour guide said that it was designed by an architect from Japan.

Tonight I’m having chicken salad spread over slices of baguette. I’ll also steam a little spinach. I’ll watch a new episode of The Orville tonight while I eat dinner. My laptop hooks up easily to the flat’s TV. Nice!

Tomorrow I’m planning to visit another nearby town. Since I’m piratically next to the train station, easy to buy a ticket and be in a new town within 30 minutes. I’m not sure which town, but I’ll decide that tomorrow once I see how the weather is shaping up. Forecast calls for more sun over the next few days.

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