Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Curio by Hilton (La Seyne-Sur-Mer, France)
– – Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage

It was still very overcast when I woke this morning. The Hilton breakfast was good and I managed to fit in a post breakfast nap. The bed is very comfortable. Now if something could be done about hotel housekeepers who talk outside a guest’s door in the morning. Maybe this is a hidden amenity the Hilton offers so we do not get too comfortable in our rooms and avoid exploring outside the hotel.

Somewhere after 12 noon I left my room for a walk down the promenade by the sea. On my way out the door I confirmed with the receptionist staff that I will accept their offer for a driver tomorrow. They confirmed a half day tour (3 hours) so I am set for a local tour.

It was starting to lightly rain as I left the hotel. Something that we label as a mist in Oregon. I walked down the promenade, took a few side trips to see more of the neighborhood, and continued my way to the other side of the inlet where I’m staying. After passing a few restaurants I started to become hungry. I saw one place, La Cannier, that seemed popular and where the menu looked varied and interesting. Though the menu was written all in French.

I was seated at a table where I could look out at the sea. The wait staff, with limited English and me with limited French, helped me make a menu selection and I waited for my order to arrive. It arrived and it looked beautiful. I posted a picture on Instagram. Though I could see that escargot were added to plate that featured a variety of vegetables and seafood. The dish was named, Proven├žal aioli, (Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic, olive oil and egg.) With the exception of the escargot I really liked what I ordered.

After lunch I walked slowly back to the hotel and watch a couple of people paddling around the surf on kayaks and several groups of surfers trying to catch a good wave. I could see that some serious rain was headed my way so I quickened my pace back to the hotel.

Once I returned to the hotel I worked on travel plans then took a nap. I woke to find that my brother called again so I returned his call. We talked for quite a while and it was good to hear more about what he wanted to see in Paris. After this call I decided that I should think about what to have for dinner. I decided to walk over to a nearby market and pick up a few items there.

At the market I found cheese, bread, apples, and a bottle of red wine. That will be my dinner for tonight. I had such a large lunch I wasn’t too hungry. I watched a couple of TV shows while eating dinner then went to bed.

Tomorrow I’ll meet my driver at 9:00 a.m. and we will stop at a famous open market in a nearby town then drive up to a restored medieval town. This tour will give me a chance to explore the nearby towns and learn more about the people who live here.


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