Monday, 22 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

This morning I finished packing and cleaned the flat before leaving for the train station. As I’ve written before, it gives me a good feeling to leave a flat in good condition. Especially one where I’ve enjoyed my stay. My host will receive an excellent review from me.

No need to call for a taxi today. The station is a very short walk away from where I’ve been staying. I’ll miss the local market where I shopped. I just learned where my favorite items were located in this store. But that happens when you stay more than a few days somewhere.

So glad I went out early to the platform to meet the train. The train was there waiting for passengers to board and it was 30 minutes before it was scheduled to depart. I found a seat and then saw more people board the train over the next 30 minutes. When we left the station it was standing room only. I could have been one of those standing had I not arrived on the platform when I did. I just had a hunch to be early.

I suppose because of the volume of passengers, the travel time to Toulon took longer than expected. I received a call from my driver who was waiting for me at the Toulon station but it didn’t connect. Rather than call back, I texted I a picture of the map on my phone that showed were I was compared to the location of Toulon. We were 25 minutes late getting in to Toulon, but my driver waited for me.

We talked as he drove me to my hotel. For whatever reason I asked what was his future plans. Somehow I expected that he wouldn’t be a taxi driver for much longer. He said he would like to buy a small hotel on one of the Maldive islands. Well, good for him to have a vision for the future. I gave him a good tip once we arrived at the hotel.

The hotel where I’m staying was updated a few years ago and is now a Hilton property. One of the “collection” hotels that make up their Curio brand. From what I’ve learned, this area at one time was a destination for holiday travelers but it fell into decline at some point. This area is now in the process of being developed and this property is one of the flagships of the new development.

When I checked in I asked about tours that they offered. They didn’t have much available. Perhaps because it wasn’t during their high season. They did say that they could arrange a driver to take me around to a couple of locations. I said that I’ll let them know in the morning.

After I got myself settled in my room, which was upgraded with a view of the beach, I was hungry. I took a look at the room service menu and was shocked at the prices. I guess since this was a Curio hotel they could charge more for meals? This inspired me to see what I could find in the neighborhood.

I wasn’t a long walk before I came upon a small shop that featured various quiches. I ordered two different varieties and a bottle of red wine. The total was less than 10 Euro. And there was my dinner.

After my dinner back in my room I had a good nap then watched the last episode of Discovery. I texted my friend Scott in the U.S. and we compared notes.

Tomorrow I’m not planning to do much. I’ll walk up and down the beach to perhaps find a place for lunch. I’ve seen several people out surfing. The waves, because of the wind, were probably much larger than normal and it looks like they would be ideal for surfing. Not that I’m planning on trying surfing while I’m here.

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