Sunday, 21 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

Woke up to another day of sunny weather, though I can see some high clouds rolling in. And the wind has really been blowing the past couple of days. No complaints from me since the weather has been perfect since I’ve been here.

I left the flat a little before noon and walked towards the
promenade that runs along the sea for quite a ways. It being Easter Sunday, I was surprised at the number of people walking around and how many stores were open. I think the Easter closures may happen tomorrow.

I took a picture of the big blue chair sculpture, which is a symbol of the city. Blue chairs were set out for people to rest and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean. Kind of a tradition. The picture that I posted on Instagram makes the chair look like it was 3-D, but in actuality, it is 2-D which I discovered as I started to walk around the sculpture.

Once I returned to the flat I managed to write up two days worth of travel notes. Some days I’m more inspired to write than others. By the time I finished it was almost 9:00.

I prepared my last dinner in this flat. I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I really got lucky when I booked this place and I’ll give the Airbnb host an excellent review. I started to get organized for tomorrow’s packing. I want to really take my time and make sure I leave the flat clean and orderly since that is how I found it.

Looking forward to resting for the next few days before I ramp up exploring new cities. I thought that where I’m staying in Toulon would be close enough to Marseille, but it really isn’t. I’m only staying three nights, but from what I’ve read, the place is very nice and has a great spa.

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