Saturday, 20 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

Today I’m visiting Castle Hill, next to the old town of Nice. It is within walking distance so no need to take public transportation or a taxi. Another beautiful day!

When I left the flat and as I walked towards the hill I remember hearing that there was an elevator up to the top. That could be nice. I found online the directions to reach the elevator so I tried to follow them as well as I could. Along the way I found a very large public park. Since it was Saturday it was filled with families and other people walking around and enjoying the perfect weather. I also came across an open market, like a swap meet, where many people had tables with all sorts of collectibles that they were selling.

I walked through the old town of Nice, down narrow streets, past small shops and saw quite a few tourists along the way. At the end of the street was the entrance to the elevator. I saw that there was no cost, but the line of people waiting to go up was quite long. I decided to climb the stairs. I’ll just go slow.

I stopped every so often while going up the stairs and looked out at the view. So beautiful! The climb was easier that I thought and soon I found myself near the top. I went out to an observation area to take a few pictures. While I was there I saw a young woman sitting on the wall so her friend could take her picture. The wall was just wide enough for her to sit up there. No railing to hold on to. If she leaned over a few inches she would fall. I couldn’t watch and had to leave.

Once I got to the top I found a large park. Not too crowded, many trees and trails leading to places where you could view the surrounding city and countryside. There were the ruins of the old castle, but otherwise it was a beautiful park with great views. From this hill, you have a 360 degree view.

I stayed for almost an hour before heading back down the steps. I’m being very cautious when going down stairs. I could probably go faster, but getting an injury while traveling is something I’d like avoid. No need to rush.

I returned to the flat along a new route. I’m getting fairly familiar with Nice, or at least the tourist part of it. Not much need for my phone’s GPS. I’ve noticed that it is taking me less time to find my way around new cities. I suppose it makes sense that I’m more comfortable as I gain experience.

Tomorrow I’ll go for another walk down to the pramanade. Nothing else I would like to see while I’m here. It will be Easter tomorrow and not sure what will be open. I’ll find out.

Tonight there were a few fireworks that were fired nearby while I was watching TV. Not sure if fireworks are part of observing Easter. I did see chocolate bunnies in the store, so I know that part of Easter is part of the annual tradition.

I’ll also finish washing clothes tomorrow. And other than a walk down to the sea, think that is all I have planned.

FYI: I just noticed on my dashboard that I have had 50,129 visitors to this site since I started it June 2016. I have been approached to include some advertising to make money, but that doesn’t interest me.

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