Thursday, 18 April 2019

42 Avenue Maréchal Foch (Nice, France)

I’m really liking my new breakfast, croissants with fried eggs. In fact I woke up very early and couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about breakfast. So I got out of bed and fixed it. At 4:30 in the morning! Then went back to bed and slept very well.

I made reservations to take the 10:00 train this morning to Cannes. The walk to the station is only about 10 minutes and was there in plenty of time before the train was scheduled to depart. I was able to book a ride on the TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) which is much nicer than the intercity train. We arrived in 35 minutes which included only one stop.

On today’s itinerary I only had a few items on my list. Other than a resort town, it is best known for the Cannes Film Festival which will be held this year on May 14 and May 25. The Palais des Festivals et des Congres convention center will be my first stop.

When I arrived at the convention center I found hand-prints in the sidewalk with actor’s name written in them. Like those in Hollywood. Around the corner were the stairs with the red carpet leading into the building. A number of tourists were having their picture taken on the red carpet. I thought about it, but it seemed a bit cheesy and changed my mind.

Next I was interested in walking along the shore to the large harbor. More very large yachts. Obviously many people with deep pockets moor their boats in Cannes. No two were alike.

It was about lunch time and I was looking forward to finding a place on the beach and order a seafood dish. I found just the place. It was a little early for lunch so I had most of the restaurant’s part of the beach to myself. Nice table with chairs, though the wind blew the menus from the table, but I already knew what I wanted. An Asian dish that combined prawns and salmon in a stir-fry. Not French provincial cooking, but it looked very good. And it was. It was very pleasant sitting there looking up and down the coast and watching people along the beach. Not too warm, but just right for lunch.

After leaving the restaurant I realized I forgot to use their toilet. I had noticed that public toilets were not too abundant, but I used my public toilet application on my phone and found one nearby. It cost .50 Euro, but the facility was spotless.

I had seen a castle of sorts on the hill, but decided that I didn’t want to do a hike after having a filling lunch. Much better to walk around Cannes through residential areas and then down their high street with all the shops that tourists like to visit. Earlier I had noticed a very large cruise ship (with 10 – 15 levels) anchored in the harbor. I now saw where the people on this cruise ended up in Cannes. Almost wall-to-wall people down a few of the shopping streets.

Cannes is a very nice small city with beautiful parks. Very clean and well-maintained. I’m sure in the summer it is packed from shore to the train station. So glad I’m visiting in April.

When I returned to the train station I booked my return to Nice on my phone. Very convenient. I could have used the ticket machines in the lobby, but if I have questions it is easier to have my phone handy and not keep people behind me waiting.

I was very tired as I walked back from the Nice Ville station. I needed just a couple of items from the store so I stopped in there before returning to the flat. It was late afternoon and the store was very busy, but I eventually found everything I needed and used their self checkout to pay for my purchases.

Had a great nap once I got back to the flat. Good news! Found that my American Express payment went through. I can cross that off my list of things to do. I like crossing off completed tasks from a list.

Dinner tonight was the last chicken breast, boiled potato and green peas. I could probably eat this most every night, but I wasn’t interested in making a big dinner. The kitchen is very small and there isn’t much room to prepare a complicated meal.

Tomorrow I’m visiting Monaco, just up the coast. The train fare there is only 8 Euro, one-way. I wonder if I will be allowed to go into the Casino Monte-Carlo. We will see.

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