Sunday, 7 April 2019

Trig Carlo Manche, 33 (Gzira, Malta)

I’m enjoying my rest in Malta very much and have totally settled into my flat here. Or, re-settled in since I stayed in this same flat last year. I continue to shop in the same local shops to find my produce, meat, bread, eggs, etc. And potatoes for my morning hash browns!

I walked to the nearby post office a couple of days ago to make my American Express payment. I still don’t know why they never received my last payment. I mailed from a post office in Rome several weeks ago. It bothers me when any payment I make is late and when I have an outstanding balance. I received a notice from American Express that this missed payment might affect my credit score. Nice to know that I don’t expect to buy anything on credit going forward. Think I’ll focus on that fact rather than missing one payment which would affect my credit score.

My major accomplishment today was to finalize my travel plans for southern France through the time I meet up with my brother and niece in May.

Malta to Nice4/164/16Ryanair/Alitalia
Nice to Marseille4/224/22Train
Marseille to Montpellier4/254/25Train
Montpellier to Toulouse5/15/1Train
Toulouse 5/15/4Airbnb
Toulouse to Bordeaux5/45/4Train
Bordeaux to Paris5/115/11Train
Paris Airport5/115/12Hilton
Paris Airport to Paris Flat5/125/12Train
Paris Flat5/125/18Airbnb

Now, to plan itineraries for each of the locations. I have a few ideas, but should probably write them down at some point. I know that there will be a number of day trips that I need to add into the plan. Also, I’ll work with my niece to firm up our plans for their visit to Paris.

I’ve added to my diet a daily bowl of cut fruit (orange, apple, banana, strawberry or raspberry, and blueberries). I’m really enjoying this as my lunch. I made a roasted chicken a few days ago and used the leftover chicken for my Asian cabbage stir fry (chicken, garlic, ginger, onion, flat pea pods, and mushrooms with soy sauce, black and red pepper flakes for seasoning). I made this dish again last night and will probably make it again before I leave on the 16th.

The weather has been cool since I’ve been here. The flat has a good heating system in both the main room and in the bedroom. It has rained a couple of times and it looks like it will be mostly cloudy throughout my stay here on Malta. No big deal. After all, I’m from Oregon.

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